Server Side XML Mods by Highope

7dtd server side xml mods by highope

Highope’s all 7 Days to Die server side XML mods are here for you. Custom Materials, All Vehicles Respawn, Starter Items Quest, Dye Workstation and more.

All his mods are server side XML mods only & strictly no custom icons no nothing.

He has over 100 custom made mods still converting to modlets and what not and many new ones created and through people’s requests.

Before using Highope’s mods install his custom material mod first always for any of his mods (He try to add it to the mods that need it just encase he forget install it anyways!).

Read the README in the zips if they exist for full details!

Custom Materials

Needed for all mods make sure you have this!

Download for A18

All Vehicles Respawn

When broken down to nothing v1 makes them into tire of stacks to regrow or v2 invisible stage no one can see them. Respawns after 5 Days.

  • The regrowth rate 300
  • All vehicles literally back to the same vehicle type/model
  • They will all turn into stack of tires and untouchable to clear the spot of unwanted vechiles you break the floor block underneith in the center and it will fall and never spawn again.

v1 makes them into tire of stacks and ghostly can walk through them.
v2 invisible stage no one can see them. Respawns after about 5 Days.
v3 makes them tire stacks with 20k hp you can break them or under them to get rid of. Respawns after about 5 Days.


  • (new) Released Respawn Vehicles V3: They spawn as tire stack. They have 20k hp. You can break them or the block under to get rid of them. (requested)
  • When broken down to nothing v1 makes them into stacks of tires to regrow or v2 invisible stage no one can see them. Respawns after 5 Days Released v1 & v2.
  • Instead of car frames Highope used tire stacks as place holders it looks more nicer as requested.

Download v1 for A18
Download v2 for A18
Download v3 for A18

Starter Items Quest

Fully customizable starter items.

  • All new players enter the server get starter items located in the quest.xml you can view or edit as you wish.
  • They only get this once. They read the page accept and items automatically go into their inventory.
  • Current loot located in quests.xml in this mod.
  • You can modify the quest.xml to write your own wordings too & the items.

Download for A19

42 Total Dye Workstation

Craftable dye’s workstation.

Download for A19

All Vehicles Extra Seats

Bicycle 2, motorcycle 2, gyrocopter 2, 4×4 truck 8, minibike 2 seats.

Download for A18

Nude Players + No Backpack

No-Backpack works fine. Nude if custom profile it will be applied if premade profile nude prob wont show.

Download for A18

Explosions Nerfed

Highly requested done! (nerfs blocks.xml explosions such as barrels/vehicles. Items.xml nerfs things like rockets/dynamites that can allow a hacker to destroy your world.

Download for A18

RNG Event

Rare find, satisfying rewards, new mods, items, blocks fun event game! More info is here.


Removed junk from the loot list. It should be 100% rewarding.

Download for A18

New Machines & Game Tables

Adds new machines and game tables.


  • Removed old cash from the system now it’s only dukes.
  • Fixed stack size from 10k back to 20k made a mistake.
  • Removed green color back to normal color
  • Scrapping them is back to default brass

Download for A18

Admin/Player Decor + Blocks/Items

Unique glass with particle light affects and much more recipes included. Admin battery + bank etc! More info is here.


Updated recipes to valid ingredients.

Download for A18

New Vehicles

Police car, army truck, water raft, jetpack, m4 sherman(more coming soon) More info here.

Download (being updated…)

Wiki TV

9 Wiki TV’s for your server!

  1. Go into recipes.xml enable which mod you plan to add an image to if you want players to be able to craft them. If not then you can just cm them into the game or lobby.
  2. Want to edit wiki tv title texts? Go to windows.xml. He has labled every wiki tv so it’s easy go to text= “TEXT HERE” for the tv you want and just edit that text here part nothing else. Leave the quatations etc the same only edit the text!
  3. Make an image you want placed into the tv via adobe etc w.e save it as a small file the smaller the better. IMAGE SIZE width= “1048” height= “628”
  4. Go to windows.xml again find the tv you want and edit the URL. Find a place to host your image free there is lots google it.
  5. Save and done!

TV List

  • Wiki – Server Info
  • Wiki – Server Rules
  • Wiki – Donor Support
  • Wiki – Server Events
  • Wiki – Gimmehell Arena
  • Wiki – Server Mods
  • Wiki – Server Commands
  • Wiki – Server Admins
  • Wiki – Server Map
  • Wiki – Server Bosses

Released Wiki Mod Update 1.4
Added another window by request Server Bosses tv.

Download for A18

Instant Crafting/Smelting

Superfast smelting and all crafting (as requested).

Download for A18

Health Bars Players/Boss Zombies

Boss Only & Player HP bars when hit lasts about 5 seconds. – (as requested) More info here.

Download for A18

You should also use the Highope’s All Trees Respawn Including Cactus, All Types of Boulders Respawn, Larger Stack Sizes and 50 Slot Backpack server side XML mods that we published separately.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Highope

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7 thoughts on “Server Side XML Mods by Highope

  1. Half of the mods dont work on client-side…..not wery good modpack actually…
    The cars respawn doesnt works a bit…
    The more seats mod doestn works too…
    Only Dyes and Nude players is working for me…

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