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MeanCloud spent some time developing a fishing mod of his own since he couldn’t get any of the older ones pre-A18 to work. This mod is inspired by Clockwork Orange’s ACP Fishing mod and he’d like to give him credit. This version adds additional features such as more cooking recipes, multiple manual and automatic fishing tools, schematics/recipe unlocks, perk progressions, etc.

Using This Mod

To get started fishing, look for a fishing spear you can craft. You can make this tool without any unlocks. Find some natural water (bucketed water intentionally won’t work) and left-click to start fishing. When you think you’ve caught something, right-click your tool to gain a fishing cache that you can then place down and destroy to see what you found. For fishing rods, the cache will be attached to your pole automatically when you right-click and then you can right-click some ground to place it.

7 days to die fishing mod by meancloud additional screenshot 1

Better tools are unlocked by looted schematics and the perk system (you can do either depending on your luck). Fishing rods and fishing traps will catch more fish and a variety of other debris that may be in your lakes and rivers.

7 days to die fishing mod by meancloud additional screenshot 2

Fish can be eaten raw like raw meat and also cooked and prepared in a variety of ways. The game has a button that shows all recipes an item can be crafted into (including cooking), so have fun exploring.

7 days to die fishing mod by meancloud additional screenshot 3

To place fishing traps, you must be standing in water and right-click the trap on dry land. The game considers the first block or two of shoreline to still be under water if your water quality video setting is set to High, so you may need to look around until you find a spot that lets you place the trap down. Traps can take take up to an hour (real time) to catch stuff. Once they have, they won’t catch anything more until you loot them, so keep an eye on your traps.

7 days to die fishing mod by meancloud additional screenshot 4

If you’re looking for recipes and schematics, look anywhere tool schematics (for fishing rods and traps) or food schematics (for recipes) are generally found.

For tools, that includes car parts shipping crates, hidden stash cardboard loot, hero loot crates, loot bags from enemies, junk/garbage piles (including trash cans and dumpsters), destroyed lab equipment, various safes (brewery, Shamway, etc.), traders and some quests.

For food recipes, try looking for buried treasure map treasure, mailboxes, filing cabinets, kitchen sinks, cupboards, and other kitchen containers (and of course, traders).

Note For Multiplayer

The current version of Alpha 20 does not push localization data to users. If you are playing multiplayer (either hosting or via dedicated server), each player will need to install the fishing mod themselves to get the proper descriptions of items, buffs, perks, etc. that this mod changes.

How to Install

Download and extract this mod to your 7 Days to Die Mods folder.

For Steam users, that’s steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods (create ‘Mods’ if it doesn’t exist).


  • (new) Updated to be compatible with version Alpha 20.
  • Support for A19 and active fishing (mash F to reel in your catch!) Special Thanks: Telric (for his fishing pole Unity asset)

Download for A20
Download for A19

If you appreciate MeanCloud’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: MeanCloud

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8 thoughts on “Fishing Mod by MeanCloud

  1. I have this mod on my laptop and it works fine. I am downloading it and putting it in the same way on a desktop computer, but the mod isn’t working. Any thoughts?

  2. hellur and thanks for this mod, was super handy and it added something the game SHOULD have had from the start, the a19 version worked without a single problem, HOWEVER a20 version is making my game break, dunno if this is a me problem or is something that needs looking into, game starts up, but no main menu or any visuals at all, just the background music and a black screen, removing the mod entirely fixes this problem

  3. Raw fish gives more food than cooked fish. That’s a huge oversight my man. x)
    Luckily i know how to fix it. I hope i can change the chance of spear fishing as well. So it doesn’t become too easy.

    Thanks for the mod though!

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