FRK Craftable Candy

7 days to die frk craftable candy, 7 days to die food

Unlocks the ability to craft Candy! Not like you need to worry about diabetes… You’ll be dead-by-zombie before that gets ya!

Ties each of the different types of candy to a perk (at level 1). (Or, get lucky, and find the schematic to unlock them all!)

  • DemolitionsExpert → AtomJunkies
  • FromTheShadows → CovertCats
  • LuckyLooter → EyeKandy
  • SalvageOperations → Hackers
  • Physician → HealthBar
  • LockPicking → JailBreakers
  • Electrocutioner → NerdTats
  • Parkour → OhShitzDrops
  • Miner69r → RockBusters
  • Brawler → SkullCrushers
  • BetterBarter → SugarButts

All recipes for the candies use Sugar and animal fat, plus 1 more ingredient, which differs for each candy.

Sugar can be crafted from candies, or found in loot.

Sugar and Candy are crafted in the Chemistry station.

Important: Needs to be installed on both the server and client sides, due to custom icon(s)/assets.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FreakUK

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