Riles Deco Blocks

7 days to die riles deco blocks, 7 days to die building materials

From a single variant block, you may choose to build many in-game models as replicas! Many of the replicas also can serve as a container. 2 Decoration blocks, 1 for models, 1 for floral! More to come!

7 days to die riles deco blocks additional screenshot

XML only, works Server Side. Works with vanilla settings or with most other mods.


v1.01: Update to correct a massive error!


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Riles

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4 thoughts on “Riles Deco Blocks

  1. So…
    now i tested it, and i figured out that THIS MOD IS NOT WORKING ON SERVER !!!
    Offline it is working perfectly without RED or YELLOW error…i tried it with all my other mods im using, about 800mb…and nothing bad happens…OFFLINE !!!
    But i tested this mod alone on server – AND SERVER DOESNT STARTS with this mod !!!

  2. Wanted to test this mod on my public server…
    But figured out one important error !!! : this mod is not compatible with another : “androughDecoVariants” – when i put this on server (Linux…) then i dont see my server anymore in the server list, and that means a BIG ERROR…i restarted couple times server, helped not…
    Then i deleted this mod, and server is OK again, so this mod is not compatible with one of the mods im using (only those that are server-side only!) and i think it is that “androughDecoVariants” because there are some similiar thing they do…
    I go and try to delete the “androughDecoVariants” mod from server and try again this mod ! Because i think this is even better mod, it has more items in one…
    I only hope i dont kill my server lol…but, i make a backup so it should be ok :)))

  3. Im using older version on server, its working greatly…I only had to repair it because the sawBench is not working anymore in game…TheFunPimps removed it donotknow why ?!?!?

    Is in this version that already changed ? I changed it to workbench everything…

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