Nuka Colas Mod

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This 7 Days to Die mod adds in 4 refreshing flavors of Nuka Cola! Take your pick from the classic Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Quartz, or the ever rare Nuka Quantum!

Each drink has its own buff. May cause certain side effects…

Can be looted almost any place normal water is found, but is very rare. Also can be available in regular vending machines, so make sure to check every one you find! Will give back a bottlecap when you drink one.

They can also be placed down as a block, similar to the torch, so you can use their warm, radiated light to see your surroundings.

The Nuka Grenade, which can be crafted using Nuka Quantums.

The Bottlecap Mine, which is crafted from loot only lunchboxes and bottlecaps from Nukas. These lunchboxes can also be placed down and used as storage. Can’t pick them back up though!

Bdubyah has also added a Nuka Vending Machine, which has a working a broken variant. They are added to the placeholder block, so any POI that uses it has a chance to get one of them instead of the regular machines. Won’t work on existing saves though.

The mod now also includes the Nuka Factory prefab, so you don’t need to use the separate files. You find the Factory, you might be able to learn the recipes!

Important: If you’ve installed the prefab manually before, or have Compopack installed, make sure to delete those files so the modlet version loads!


  • (new) Added Sunset Sarsaparilla drinks and vending machines, drinks can be in loot same as Nukas, vending machines can be in any POI that uses the vending helper blocks. Will require a new world for them to show u.
  • (new) Can get Star Bottlecaps from some drinks that can be sold or saved for crafting a SS flier(quest).
  • Added the Bottlecap Mine, bottlecaps you get from drinking Nukas, and the Nuka Vending Machine.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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