H7SB Domestication

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H7SB Domestication is a server-side mod that includes functional chickens (catching, keeping, breeding).

The mod has special additional modules (boar) that can be optionally activated.

New: Tranquillizer Dart

Crafted with (new) snake poision and required to capture animals.

Can be fired with any bow, but has a strong pull downward.

A short signal buff indicates when you hit your target.

New: Chicken Cage

After the animal is tranquillized, quickly wrestle it down and use (RMB) a cage.

The hitbox is a bit inaccurate – click on/below the region around the animal’s feet.

Captured animals disappear (or can no longer be touched and despawn).

New: Chicken Feed

Required to feed captured chickens with a (new) carrot and stick.

New: Chicken

Place the captured chicken and stand back until it appears.

Use (LMB) carrot and stick to feed the animal with food.

Then wait until the chicken is ready and you can loot the nest.

Repeat the process until the chicken dies or becomes pregnant.

Swap the fertilized egg with carrot and stick (LMB) before the next loot.

If an animal gets sick use (new) animal medicine with carrot and stick.

Killed chickens (aim for nest) and dead ones can be dismantled normally.

The particle effects and sound effects reflect the animal’s current status.

If no chicken appears you can simply place the nest again (or continue without).

If a chicken get pushed out its nest, it disappears (but the process continues).

To interact, aim at the nest and not the animal

Rework: Bird Nests & Grass Seeds

Bird nests disappear after looting.

Grass Seed crafting cost has been reduced and growing time raised.

Optional: iDomestication(Boar)

New: Boar Cage, Boar Feed

Basically, boar farming works like chicken farming.

However, the boar cage also has to be mucked out, which requires hay.

And instead of giving eggs, the animal gets fatter and gives more meat when slaughtered.

Fully grown pigs have a chance of producing offspring.

Rework: Rotten Flesh has been renamed to Organic Garbage.

The boar cage must be placed on flat surface or the animal will disappear.

Optional: Modules

“xDomestication(Nests)” Let bird nests respawn again.

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Mod Installation

  1. Download and unpack (“extract here”) the Zip data.
  2. Place it into your “Mods” folder.
  3. Have fun!

Module Installation

  1. Go inside the h7sb mod folder.
  2. Copy & paste (NOT drag & drop) the module you like into the main “Mods” folder.
  3. Have fun!

Copyrights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

  • You are allowed to use this mod for your private use (singleplayer/multiplayer/server).
  • You are allowed to use this mod as part of your custom modpack (as separated mod).
  • You are not allow to reupload it without permission (exception mentioned)!
  • Of cause your allow to take inspiration to improve your existing code!


If you appreciate Eihwaz’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Eihwaz

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4 thoughts on “H7SB Domestication

  1. Hello; consider to join the discord if you have questions, because its hard for me to keep an eye on all websites.

    you can add it to existing game – i guess ^^ make always a backup befor but i am optimistic.

    because some ppl ask for it ill add a new module – BUT – I think its overpowered to have both; nests respawn + chicken.


    no. only host or server had to install the mod. that goes for ALL H7SB mods.

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