Mostly Dead

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A mod that implements the “mostly dead” character death style for 7D2D. The idea is that when a player character dies, players respawn as an entirely new character, but they respawn into a (mostly) unchanged world. It can be modified for traditional “Dead is dead” or “Permadeath” gameplay.

For an explanation of the “mostly dead” play style, see Khzmusik’s “manifesto“.


  • The player’s inventory is deleted (the “DropOnDeath” setting is forced to “Delete All”).
  • Skill points are reset (not removed), and books that were read are forgotten.
  • Crafting skill levels above 1 are randomly re-assigned to different crafting skills. (New for A21)
  • Bedrolls and beds are no longer spawn points, so players do not spawn on them.
  • The player map is reset, including any saved waypoints.
  • Player vehicles are destroyed.
  • The player’s active land claim block is rendered inoperable.
  • The player’s ACL (Access Control List – i.e. friends list) is cleared.
  • If the player hired any NPCs, those NPCs are dismissed. (Assumes SCore NPCs.)

The respawned character is at a similar “level” to the old one:

  • If the player did not complete the “Basic Survival” quests, they start over from scratch. (This is so players can still earn the skill points from completing those quests.)
  • If the player restarts before level 4, they will be given the “Whiteriver Citizen” quest so they can find a nearby trader.
  • If restarting at level 3 or lower, the player will be given the player’s starting items, even if another mod or mod has added starting items.
  • When restarting at medium and higher levels, players are given bundles of items so they have matching armor sets, and their given ammo matches their given weapons. This includes new bow and crossbow bundles (which have custom icons and translations).

These features can be customized via XML edits or XPath. See the for details.

Mostly Dead: Permadeath

This mod makes the XML changes necessary to turn the Mostly Dead mod into a “Permadeath” mod. It is for people who do not want to make the XML edits themselves.

You still need to install the Mostly Dead mod. This mod will not work by itself.


  • Skill points are reset and removed.
  • Crafting skills are removed. New for A21.
  • The player level is reset to level 1.
  • The player spawns with the starting items again, except the note from the Duke.
  • The player is given the “Basic Survival” quests again.
  • The player is given the “Newbie Coat” buff again.

All the other features from the Mostly Dead mod remain unchanged.


Updated for A21.

Alpha 21 Versions
DOWNLOAD Mostly Dead for A21 (582 KB)
DOWNLOAD Mostly Dead: Permadeath for A21 (4 KB)
Alpha 20 Versions
DOWNLOAD Mostly Dead for A20 (569 KB)
DOWNLOAD Mostly Dead: Permadeath for A20 (4 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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3 thoughts on “Mostly Dead

  1. Sir, ty for a wonderful mod. Is there any way to contact you? I wish to use your mod in a mod list called the Evac Mod. I do have a discord and an email. I think I did see your comment on one of my videos but I could not find it again. You were talking about nerfing it a bit. I was curious if you have a working prototype for that. Please contact me anytime.

    Community Discord:

  2. Thank you for this. My group has been playing for years. One of us so long ago that game looked like Minecraft. We’ve been wishing for Permadeath for a long, long time to keep the game stressful – this is definitely the ticket.

    If you plan to try these mods: Do not experiment with this on a current save it will reset your characters. Create a new game.

    Our play style if you are into being punished:

    We use a mod from Jaxteller to increase the spawns, we’ve also began using a mod that is also found here called Return Of The Hordes that makes the wandering hordes a lot harder.

    We create maps that are mostly wasteland and a touch of snow (although having a tiny spec of forest and desert is fun too). Jack-up max zombies spawned if your server can take it (usually between 90 and 120), back off animals spawn to about 15. Definitely have Feral spawning.

    The plan is: Game difficulty is set to 0, and that increments after every rednight (which we set to 5 and a range of 2 and we disable the warning) until a game difficulty of 5 is reached. We also increment max red night zombies by 1 until we get to 20. (We’ve made it that far before – but not with this mod).

    You have to self-govern victory conditions, but the standing policy is no running from rednight and if we’re all killed in the same day it’s a loss. I suspect we’ll be good and dead before we reach any kind of ‘victory’. But… that’s what we like.

    Anyway – if you are looking for stress to add to your game. This mod can bring it.

    Thank you again for making it!

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