Mostly Dead

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A mod that implements the “mostly dead” character death style for 7D2D. For the manifesto, see: Mostly Dead: A Manifesto

This mod deals only with the player death aspects. The idea is that when a player character dies, players respawn as an entirely new character, but they respawn into a (mostly) unchanged world.


When the player character dies:

  • The player’s inventory is deleted (the “DropOnDeath” setting is forced to “Delete All”).
  • Skill points are reset (not removed), and books that were read are forgotten.
  • Bedrolls and beds are no longer spawn points, so players do not spawn on them.
  • The player map is reset, including any saved waypoints.
  • Player quests are removed, and a quest is given that automatically rewards the player with the items they start with when starting a new game.
  • Player vehicles are destroyed.
  • The player’s active land claim block is rendered inoperable.
  • The player’s ACL (Access Control List – i.e. friends list) is cleared.

If you are using this mod, you do not need to install the following mods:

Those mods are now for players who prefer XML-only mods.


This is a DMT mod. So requires DMT Modding Tool. It is not compatible with EAC. After installation, it is highly recommended to start a new game.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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