8 thoughts on “Increased Zombie Spawning

  1. I love this mod because I’ve always felt that once you get a few weapons and a few levels, the game loses its challenge. Bumping up common spawns keeps the bullets flying and your character moving.
    I even tweaked a few values further. Night time in the wasteland is now a nightmare! And I love it 😉

  2. Works perfectly! Makes the game more exciting and interesting. Thank you. At first I thought it didn’t work but it definitely increases zombies in the game.

  3. Excellent Mod, Really livens up the game. Is there any way to increase the spawns inside POI’s? Its like the adventure is to stay outside now no point in going in a POI there kind of boring.

  4. мня немного раздражают зелёные зомби (внешний вид)
    а вот количество белых чем больше тем лучше 🙂
    пока (FPS=смерть) не разлучит нас 🙂
    играю 1 карта = 1 жизнь (карта надоедает быстрей)
    бессмертным быть скучно

  5. Provozuji TOTAL HODNĚ MOC BRUTÁLNÍ HARDCORE SERVER. Tento mod s 4x spawn, je skvělý. Snažil jsem se ho upravit na 20x. Bohužel nejde. Mohl bych poprosit o radu, jak množství zvednu?

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