Larger Fuel Tanks/Faster Vehicles

7 days to die larger fuel tanks/faster vehicles, 7 days to die tools, 7 days to die vehicles

There are two versions of the mod. Don’t use both of them at the same time. Use one or the other.

Larger Fuel Tanks

coRpSE doesn’t know about you, but he really dislike the fuel tank sizes on everything from his tools to his vehicles.

Consistently refueling his auger is what got him to originally write this mod, and coming back recently and running into the same thing with refueling the auger, cause me to update this script. Well, a while back ago, he write a tutorial on how to modify your files to fix that issue, then early last year, 2019, he wrote it into a mod for Alpha 17.

He recently have returned and felt it was time to update this mod, so we could have the larger tanks once again and save our sanity when using the auger.

This mod increases the fuel capacity of the following:

  • Auger – 150% increase
  • Chainsaw – 100% increase
  • Generator – 100% increase
  • Minibike – 100% increase
  • Motorcycle – 100% increase
  • Gyrocopter – 150% increase
  • 4×4 Truck – 100% increase

For the most part, coRpSE has doubled the size of all the fuel tanks with a few exceptions. Of course, you can easily change the values if you like to have larger tanks than what he has preset.

This has only been tested on Alpha 18.4 (b4). Can’t confirm that this will work on Alpha 19 since he is not on it.

Faster Vehicles

Some people that play on our server complained about how slow the vehicles felt, especially the 4×4 truck, so coRpSE added a few lines of code into the Fuel mod to improve the overall speeds of the 4×4, motorcycle, and the minibike. He did not adjust the speed of the Gyrocopter because that he felt was good where it is.

Both the 4×4 and the motorcycle got over a 50% boost and the minibike just got a very slight bump in speed.

If you are running Ragsy Racing Motorcycle Physics mod, then you will need to either delete or cancel out line 8 of the vehicles.xml in this mod.

Any other mods that modify the speed of the 3 vehicles mentioned prior, may conflict with this mod.

Vehicle speed changes are as follows:

  • Minibike – From 7 Normal / 10 Boosted to 8 Normal / 11 Boosted
  • Motorcycle – From 9 Normal / 14 Boosted to 15 Normal / 23 Boosted
  • 4×4 Truck – From 9 Normal / 13 Boosted to 12 Normal / 20 Boosted

Download Larger Fuel Tanks
Download Larger Fuel Tanks/Faster Vehicles

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: coRpSE

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