No Bedrolls

7 days to die no bedrolls

This is a 7DTD mod that will remove player-usable bedrolls and beds from the game.


  • Bedrolls and beds no longer act as player spawn points, and no longer prevent zombie spawns. Note: They are still craftable, now they are merely ornamental
  • Bedrolls are removed from loot groups.
  • The first “basic survival” quest, to craft a bedroll, is removed (the second quest grants extra XP to compensate).

It is designed to be used with dead is mostly dead play styles. In this play style, when players die, they restart as new characters. Unlike permadeath or dead is dead, they spawn into the same world in which they died.


  • (new) Updated for A19.
  • Now beds and bedrolls do not act as player spawn points, and do not protect against zombie respawns. But they are once again craftable (they are just ornamental now).


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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