Less Grind

7 days to die less grind, 7 days to die food, 7 days to die building materials

This mod increases the amount of resources obtained from many sources and also lowers the requirements for building some limited items. The intention is to lower the grind level of the game a bit, for those who don’t enjoy that aspect as much.

Changes to recipes are minimal, but do includes things like:

  • Foods that should, realistically, only need 1 or 2 meat to create now have lower meat requirements. He mean, c’mon, 5 raw meat to make 1 charred steak is a bit silly.
  • Iron bars now take 50% of the iron needed in vanilla (100 iron is a bit much for a single iron bar block)
  • He know they give you more bone’s for harvesting now, but you should still be able to make a bone knife with only one bone.
  • Bird Nests will now give more eggs.


If you find any issues or have a suggestion for improvement, please open an issue and Donovan will look into it ASAP.

Credits: Donovan

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3 thoughts on “Less Grind

  1. hello just downloaded i really like how you made it more reasonable for food crafting. i did notice for the charred meat, grilled meat and boiled meat they require 0 meat to craft. but overall great mod.

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