Proper Repair Kits

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Repair kits have always been odd. Always using the same 2 items to repair anything just seemed wrong. So here is a fix for that.

Each kit will handle a certain type or group of Items. Each type of repair kit is color coded as well so you can find the type you are looking for easily.

Repair Kit Types

  • Iron Repair Kit – This is just the current repair kit in the game. Any non-vanilla items will still be repaired with this.
  • Steel Repair Kit – This repairs Steel Tools and Weapons.
  • Motor Repair Kit – Repairs things with motors. Currently does not work for vehicles – Looking how to fix that but it seems hard coded for just the normal repair kit.
  • Gun Repair Kit – Repairs Guns
  • Non-Metal Armor Repair Kit – Repairs cloth and leather armor.
  • Metal Armor Repair Kit – Repairs Iron and Steel Armor.
  • Military Armor Repair Kit – Repairs Military Armor.

This mod is server side friendly, so you can just drop it in and go.

There will be some updates for sure, but this is a pretty good start on it.


  • (new) Bug Fix for proper repair kit for the Steel Fireaxe, Steel Spear, and Steel Knuckles.
  • Bug Fix for not being able to use the repair kits to repair the item it was meant to repair.
  • Added configuration for loot.xml so that you can find these in the same locations in the world where you would find normal repair kits.

This mod is being taken over by a new modder. New A19 version here: Advanced Repair Kits


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Mlburgoon

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