Action Skills

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This will restore a version of the old Action Skill system. Tool and weapon usage earn you XP in the following categories:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Blade
  • Blunt
  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Automatics
  • Shotgun
  • Turrets
  • Electric
  • Brawler
  • Javelin
  • Archery

Killing with Construction or Mining Tools will grant XP for Blunts or Bladed, Repairing and Upgrading grants XP for upgrading. For now JaxTeller718 has excluded chainsaw, augers and nailguns due to rapid XP acceleration and because these tools are special in their own right.

Restores the feeling of the Action Skill system from A16 and before. Right now as you use weapons and tools you will acquire Action Skill XP in the category. The skills will provide a boost to damage, stamina, weapon spread and more depending on the item.

He will expand on this idea in the future to possibly include unlockable recipes as in previous alphas. This has not been 100 percent fully tested so some inconsistencies may apply.

Do not add this to an existing game or remove it from your game. It relies on buffs and progression and may wipe your save.

Please Note: If you level your skills via action and not purchasing there will be a lock icon that is green. You have unlocked that level but this means if you BUY the next level it will not unlock the next white padlock it will unlock the FiRST. This is a side effect of the code, but he did not want to remove the ability to purchase skills.

If this is unacceptable you can open the progression xml and replace base_skill_point_cost=”1″ in the file with base_skill_point_cost=”0″


Removed the ability to buy perks as it was interfering with unlocks through the LBD (learn by doing) system. This is an unfortunate side effect of how the skill points work. He will try to return purchasing in the future.


If you appreciate JaxTeller718’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: JaxTeller718

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11 thoughts on “Action Skills

  1. Could this be updated so we safely know that it works for A21? Maxing out on skills normally can be boring so this will give the game the extra grind it deserves. Please?

  2. I’ve extracted the files into the mods folder. I started a new game, and the mod isn’t working is there a step that I’m missing?

  3. so the action skills are leveled by use but do you still gain skill pts with levels and how to use if your buy perks is broken?

  4. When I lvl up a skill by using a tool/weapon, some of them give look ‘open to lvl up by using a skill point’. Do I actually need to use it? Also, the skills do not seem to ‘progress properly’. What I mean is, the bar that shows the skill lvl doesn’t change collor (gray to clearer gray) and doesnt make the ‘lockpick’ icon go away. Is this normal and expected? Like, the skills are still lvling up?

  5. Separating ‘Tools’ and ‘Weapons’ to two categories seem unnecessary to me, seeing as there’s only one for ‘Tools’ and the rest is under ‘Weapons’. Combining them together would make more sense and also allows the hidden ‘Automatic Weapons’ action skill to be seen without having to scroll to the next page.

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