Mega Loot Bags

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Dramatically increases the drop rate on zombie loot bags: 20% for normal, 50% for feral, and 80% for irradiated.


Conflicts with More Loot Bags. Works well in conjunction with Longer Loot Bags (for those long horde nights).


  • (new) Updated for A21.
  • Updated for A20.


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Donovan

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3 thoughts on “Mega Loot Bags

  1. Thanks for this mod. It’s perfect for my style of game play. With almost 2k hours of time on this game over the years I found how I really like to play solo. No hordes. Pure survival. But… Biggest problem I have with A21 is how bad the rewards on Trader quests are. This mod helps offset that. Thanks for your work!

  2. How do I install your mega loot bags the proper way so it works? I installed the way sight said it dont work or make any sence.

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