2 thoughts on “Rage Removal From Normal Zombies

  1. This mod does it’s job and turns off rage from basic zombies. If you plan on making the zombies sprint or move at nightmare speed they will only walk if this mod is loaded so this mod must be removed if you decide you want running zombies.

    1. A caveat: I have this mod installed and they don’t run at night or on horde night, so I’m removing it. But I have everything set to nightmare speed other than day speed at normal, and the feral zombies still run at me at nightmare speed, I’ve encountered them outside of POIs and inside of POIs. I didn’t want them to Not run at night, I only wanted to get rid of “rage” when they get knocked down and then get up and run at you, I never liked it, but I can deal with it at my current level so I’m getting rid of this mod. If it only got rid of the rage mechanic but kept zombies running at night I would keep it (like turning Rage to Off in Darkness Falls or Ravenhearst.)

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