New Block Textures

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The purpose of this mod is to allow adding new texture arrays to the game to avoid overwriting the original arrays or atlases as we used to in the previous builds.

The mod contains a sample bundle with some textures included and you can pull the blocks out from the creative menu. The blocks can be built with basic recipes that can be changed to your preference. Also included is a modded paint brush to allow painting the new textures only on the new provided blocks. The modded paint brush will not paint vanilla blocks and the vanilla paint brush will not paint on any of the modded blocks.

7 days to die new block textures additional screenshot


TormentedEmu updated the new block textures mod with a few new features, including the new modded paint brush, recipes for the new blocks, and added some more block properties.

This is a DMT mod. So requires DMT Modding Tool.


Please let her know if you have any questions, or have any problems/bugs with it. She is usually found on Guppycur’s Discord. Her nickname on the Discord is V.

Credits: TormentedEmu

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2 thoughts on “New Block Textures

  1. It works just had to add recipe to craft her paint brush for non-creative mode

    Thanks TormentedEmu Loving this mod!

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