Vehicles First Person View

7dtd vehicles first person view, 7 days to die vehicles

This 7 Days to Die mod provides a first-person experience for vanilla vehicles. (Except Gyrocopter)

This version of Vehicles First Person View has a refined version of Ragsy’s Brighter Headlights Mod suitable for the first person view included as the original mod values are too bright in 1st Person.

Added some tweaks to the vehicle settings to minimise drifting on the 4×4 in First Person, altered Bicycle, Minibike and Motorcycle tilt to stop excessive sway (this also helps stop camera tilts when using Xyth’s Helmet Cam).

The First person views are vastly improved now as part of the final push so there will be no more additions or changes now, he has also removed the Gyrocopter as that was almost impossible to fly in first person (for now).

Please remove the original Brighter Headlight and any previous version of the First Person Vehicle mods before installing this mod.

Important Note: If you want to include any of his vehicle mods or other mods in a ‘mod overhaul’ please do him the courtesy of asking for permission first… when given you must give the due credit to himself and any other modders that may be credited under the “Credits & Additional Credits” sections if any. Also you are not allowed to extract any unity files without his permission either, if there has been an alpha change then wait and files will be updated for the new alpha version as soon as he possibly can. Thank you!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ragsy 2145

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