Pick up Grass and More

7 days to die pick up grass and more

This mod allows you to collect dry grass and shrubs in biomes by pressing E.



  • Added cinder blocks and scrap metal pile to collect with “E”.
  • Added Firewood piles, driftwood and ember piles to collect with “E”.
  • Added traps and mines to collect with “E”.
  • Added sandbags, barbed wire and fence, tires to collect with “E”.
  • Added Westwagon and wheels,cowSkull,Haybale,burning barrel to collect with “E”.
  • More items have been added to collect with “E”, discover them for yourself as you travel the world.


  • Added short grass to collect by pressing “E”.
  • Added dead corn to collect by pressing “E”.
  • Added all wild plants (Cotton, Goldenrod, etc) to collect with “E”.

Important Note: Before installing any mod, make a backup of your saved game, to avoid errors or character reset, you are warned.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Gouki

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