Science Plus

7 days to die science plus, 7 days to die perks, 7 days to die lights, 7 days to die electricity

This mod makes crafting Solar Cells, Solar Banks and Radiators possible at level 1. You can also craft level 1 Solar Cells
Level 2 you can craft Acid. You can also craft level 2 Solar Cells
Level 3 you can craft Headlights and Springs. You can also craft level 3 Solar Cells
Level 4 you can craft Engines. You can also craft level 4 Solar Cells
Level 5 allows you to make level 5 Solar Cells

With each level you get a small crafting speed bonus for Workbench, Chemistry Station and Cement Mixer.


Tested and working A20.6.


Credits: TheDerelictOne

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