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7 days to die loot randomizer, 7 days to die loot

This mod, as the name suggests, randomizes the loot you get from about everywhere. Additionally, you can loot just about any block or item, most of which aren’t even obtainable in vanilla. Not that they would usually really help you either. Qualities are also equal so the chances of finding a quality one M60 and a quality six one are the same no matter your progression in-game. As you can probably guess, this mod isn’t balanced at all and will not work with mods that add new items or lootable blocks. Gako21 may add patches for mods if certain ones are requested a lot. This mod is again server-side, you can use it on your server without the clients having to download anything.

If you find any errors (items you loot giving errors, loot containers giving errors while looting them) or items that are completely useless, feel free to post about them and he’ll consider them. This mod is still highly unstable, there is about no way for him to check that all the ~150 loot containers and ~3500 lootables work correctly. From his short testing things should be rather stable, but it could turn out to be a false impression. So it is not adviced to use this mod on a save you don’t want to risk losing. At least create a back-up if you want to use this mod in your save. Technically it should work on an existing save too, although it may affect player-placed containers when first installed. Just be careful with your saves and preferably start a new one for this mod.


  • (new) Set all loot containers have from one to five different items in them.
  • (new) Set all items to be in a stack of from one to a hundred. The items will still obey their stack sizes so there won’t be multiple full stacks of the same item (unless that item rolls twice).
  • Removed “master” and “hand” items from the list.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Gako21

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One thought on “Loot Randomizer

  1. A more appropriate name would be “absurdity chaotic” loot, seeing that couches spawn in birds nests. If you like absurdity, this is the mod for you.

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