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A rather small A20 Harmony mod to pin recipes on the UI.

Pinned recipes are queued until user removes them via “x” icon. Basic functionality is there, more features might be added. Has a good chance to be incompatible with other HUD mods!

7 days to die pin recipes mod additional screenshot 1

There is also an alternative and slightly bigger UI (thx Tdrhart):

7 days to die pin recipes mod additional screenshot 2

Grab Ingredients QOL Feature

With version 0.6.0 ocbMaurice has added another Quality of Life feature. Loot containers (e.g. your own storage chests) and vehicle containers get an additional button next to the “sort container” button. When you press this “grab ingredient” button, it will try to load as many items from the container as the pinned recipes require. For even more convenience, this action is also available by pressing ‘G’ while the container is open. This key-binding can be adjusted (or removed) in the XML config if required.

7 days to die pin recipes mod additional screenshot 3

Currently the same button is also shown as a hand above the pinned recipes. This is mostly to make users aware of this feature and might be removed in the future. It may also be helpful if your UI overwrites the item stack controller.

Increment Recipe Count (via scroll wheel)

Instead of clicking the plus/minus icons to inc-/decrement the amount to craft, you can also use your mouse scroll wheel when hovering over the pinned recipe. Note that this works best when hovering over the recipe name, as some elements seem to consume the scroll event (just find the spot where it works).

Pin Recipe Ingredients (via double click)

If one of your pinned recipes needs an ingredient you need to craft first, you can double click on the ingredient icon/number and the first valid recipe will be added to your pinned list.


Released version 0.6.2 today containing the mentioned fixes:

  • Fix queuing of items with dynamic ingredient counts (Dedicated Server Only)
  • Add dynamic patching for position of new container button (compatibility)
  • Implements Version 4 of conditional XML Patcher for new XPath conditions

Download Pin Recipes
Download Alternative and Slightly Bigger UI

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ocbMaurice

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7 thoughts on “Pin Recipes Mod

  1. In case you get an error saying “theres no Xpath”.

    Mod is not compatible with Easy Anti Cheat and it should be disabled via the game’s launcher

  2. This might be one of the best quality of life mods I have ever installed. This makes the tedious grind of searching and remembering parts to craft obsolete. Thanks for making this mod.

  3. this is not working on 20.6
    says that i couldn’t load controls.xml because “theres no Xpath”
    can you please update it or fix it? or just say how to fix it?

  4. This is really awesome, I hope its compatible with darkness falls when that gets a stable release 😀

  5. Hey! This Mod is SO convenient!

    I wanted to let you know, for some reason whenever you try to harvest Materials with this Mod active it drops the FPS for some reason?

    I wanted to let you know. Thank You

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