Wights Only

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This modlet makes all zombies becomes Feral Wights or Radiated Wights. Even zombie bears and dogs can be changed.

Will you take the challenge to see how long you can survive in a feral wight world?

Full Changes

  • Zombies are Feral Wight, with a couple changes into Radiated Wight in limited groups. You can choose to have it include zombie animals.
  • Feral Wights now have only 250 health while Radiated Wights have 500 health. You need to have some chance against them with a club after all.

Version 2

Fixed where zombie animals were not converted into Wights. Added an option to install to have zombie animals on or off. Just install the correct version.


Credits: Zami (It was Rusher’s idea, I just made it work.)

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