Pushable Carts Deluxe

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(P)ushable (C)arts (D)eluxe contains functional carts, trash can and wheelchair. All Deluxe mods/plugins work in SP/MP and are server side/eac friendly.

  • Pushable Carts are placed and picked up like vehicles.
  • You start pushing by pressing the E button.
  • Long pressing the E button brings up a radial menu from which you can open the inventory.
  • Sound effects that can be triggered by pressing the horn button.
  • NEW: 6 Carts
    • Handcart, Shopping Cart, Utility Cart, Janitor Cart, Tilt Truck, Laundry Truck
  • NEW: 2 Medi Carts
    • Wheelchair, Stretcher
  • NEW: 1 Trash Can


  • PCD contains a custom settings addon (drag/drop into Mods)
  • (mod support is only given for unmodified core versions)
  • It is recommended that the passenger exit the cart first.
  • PCD is a server-side plugin, which is why the options are limited.

7 days to die pushable carts deluxe additional screenshot

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Credits: Eihwaz

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4 thoughts on “Pushable Carts Deluxe

    1. Trust? If someone pretends to have made a similar mod to this mod and compresses/hides a special virus or something malicious in a file and uploads it to Google Drive, Mega, MediaFire or somewhere else, you will download it immediately?

      I am an ETS 2 player. Currently, almost all of the ETS 2 mods are downloaded from ModsFire. So ModsFire is one of the most popular file hosting services. It’s similar to MediaFire, only you have to click a little more. Additionally, you support modders just by downloading mods. So it’s a nice system actually.

      1. Thanks for your comment <3

        I modding now for 7 years and have a large portfolio of mods. If someone is unsure about the DL he can check out my youtube channel or discord.

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