Sam’s Sustainable Forestry

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One for the public servers out there. Almost completely removes tree seeds from the game, instead causing trees to respawn on their own after being cut down (after a few days). There’s a small chance to get a tree seed but it will grow a random tree rather than planting 30 oak seeds and getting 30 identical oak trees.

This mod is server-side friendly and designed to tweak the game or provide little extras without changing the meta of the current alpha.


  • (new) Updated for V1.0.
  • Saminal has fixed a problem with the assets used for the Saplings (the seed replacements). Overlooked in his initial compatibility update; now up to date with the new asset references A21 uses.
  • Updated for A21.

1.0 Version
DOWNLOAD for 1.0 (19 KB)
Alpha 21 Version
DOWNLOAD for A21 (19 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Saminal

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4 thoughts on “Sam’s Sustainable Forestry

  1. All of Sam’s mods are very solid, but this particular one will destroy your server and game save.
    Trees you break grow back even after removing the stump. Same with cotton, golden rod, etc. By day 40 zombies will run in place and your server will lag like crazy.
    Something about the regrowth file causes application after duplication of regrowth data.

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