Better Vehicles

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This mod updates the vehicles to be bigger and faster.

  • Increased Storage
  • All vehicles are now 25% faster normal speed, and double that for turbo mode.


In an attempt to make each vehicle useful to some degree, these are the changes he has made:

  • Motorcycle is the fastest land vehicle, but has less storage than the 4×4 (but more than the Gyrocopter).
  • 4×4 has the most storage of any vehicle, but is slightly slower than the Motorcycle.
  • Gyrocopter is the fastest vehicle of all, but has limited storage.

To Do

If/When he can figure out what settings control the damage they do to Z’s when you hit them, he will increase that too.


Updated for A20.


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Donovan

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3 thoughts on “Better Vehicles

    1. Definitely. This would be something that would be nice to have as well. I suspect these are locked values, since you had to make manual changes to speed and such.

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