Better Vehicles

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This mod updates the vehicles to be bigger and faster.

  • Increased Storage
  • All vehicles are now 25% faster normal speed, and double that for turbo mode.


In an attempt to make each vehicle useful to some degree, these are the changes he has made:

  • Motorcycle is the fastest land vehicle, but has less storage than the 4×4 (but more than the Gyrocopter).
  • 4×4 has the most storage of any vehicle, but is slightly slower than the Motorcycle.
  • Gyrocopter is the fastest vehicle of all, but has limited storage.

To Do:

If/When he can figure out what settings control the damage they do to Z’s when you hit them, he will increase that too.


If you find any issues or have a suggestion for improvement, please open an issue and Donovan will look into it ASAP.

Credits: Donovan

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