Ratbertt’s A21 Quality of Life

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This mod makes some general changes to stack sized, recipes, things like that. Nothing game breaking here. Just some things I personally didn’t like so tweaked a bit. You won’t find big silly stack sizes here. Just small tweaks. Full list below!

Version 1.3 Changes

Block Changes

  1. Microwave Oven: Works like a campfire. Nothing amazing here. Just a fun deco item you can use in a kitchen thats functional. Not tied to any skills/books
  2. Medium Generator: Holds a bit more gas and puts out a bit more power. Can make at T2 electrical (with sensors)
  3. Changes to Dew Collectors: Cuts production time in half and reduces the level of heat production for screamers

Item Changes

  1. Improved Engine: Need this for medium generator, easy to make
  2. All ammo stacks to 300 now
  3. Junk Turret ammo stacks to 3000

Loot Changes

Added beaker schematic to ALL construction crates in loot table (1 and 2). Still a “veryLow” probability though

Version 1.1 Fixes

Removed meat changes below that caused a cooking issue with master chef. If you are running this please update from download link…

Version 1.0

Block Changes

  • Generator now holds 2000 fuel and outputs a bit more power
  • Electric Fence posts changed from 250 to 500 durability
  • Player Vending Machines buffed so they are harder to destroy on public servers
  • Admin concrete block that you can use to build public structures that can’t be easily destroyed (WARNING! THIS BLOCK CAN NOT BE DESTROYED BY ANY MEANS OTHER THAN DIGGING OUT UNDER IT)

Item Changes

  • Seeds all stack to 500
  • Cooked foods all stack to 25
  • Canned foods all stack to 25
  • First aid kits stack to 10
  • Pills/Splints/Cast stack to 20
  • Medical blood bags stack to 30
  • Added beaker schematic
  • Added acid schematic
  • Added slightly better drink water recipe

Loot Changes

  • Birds nests do not go away
  • Eggs are found in fridges
  • Dog food spawns a bit more


Spears do a liiiiitle bit more damage 🙂


  • Added beakers
  • Added acid
  • Added 1 stone arrow and 1 stone bolt recipe that’ll use cloth instead of feathers
  • Craftable dyes
  • Reduced the meat amount in some of the basic cooking things
  • Reduced the item requirements to make seeds
  • Removed beer from medical kit recipe and added aloe cream


Changed their open time to 4:05 when default day starts.

World Changes

Made it a bit more darker at night. The environment also plays a role in how dark it gets depending on rain, clouds, etc. So it’s more realistic at night as it may be very dark. Forces you to rely on light sources a bit more.

7 days to die ratbertt's a21 quality of life additional screenshot 1

7 days to die ratbertt's a21 quality of life additional screenshot 2

7 days to die ratbertt's a21 quality of life additional screenshot 3


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Ratbertt

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8 thoughts on “Ratbertt’s A21 Quality of Life

    1. You just need to put it in the local app data folder where the 7 days to die stuff is on C drive. I can’t post it all here because some security keeps triggering and keeping me from posting details. You will have to google for yourself.

  1. Fixed the modinfo xml 🙂 I had done that but forgot to update everything everywhere.. Thank you for reminding me.

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