Repeater Crossbow Mod

7 days to die repeater crossbow mod, 7 days to die weapons

Just a simple modlet that adds a weapon mod for the crossbow that makes it able to fire 5 times before reload. It’s a tier 2 mod, and should be found in loot and traders both.

Known Issue

The animation looks like it puts a stack of bolts onto the crossbow and fires them all at once. The arrows are still “loaded”, and can be fired but the crossbow looks empty. Dragonchampion doesn’t know how to fix this, if at all, with just a modlet.


Updated for 1.0!

1.0 Version
DOWNLOAD for 1.0 (2 KB)
Alpha 21 Version
DOWNLOAD for A21 (2 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Dragonchampion

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2 thoughts on “Repeater Crossbow Mod

  1. Great work. Installed this mod and found it in 10 minutes, works great!. 3 hours later and never found another. Thanks for your work making this great mod for those of us that like using bows.

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