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Why I Made This Mod

I play 7dtd to be killed by hordes of zombies. I do not play 7dtd to calmly avoid zombies while completing quests (!) and getting piles of free loot. I want to feel the zombies on my butt 24/7. I want to have no rest. No stealth. No cheese. (ok that is impossible because the zombies are really dumb). I do not want to pick my difficulty by choosing tiers of quests when I am ready – I want to have moments where I am going to die and be forced to restart the whole journey again. I also want zombies to leave corpse blocks so that every zombie is contributing to the cause even in death.

What This Mod Does

  1. Greatly increased game pace and starting bonuses.
  2. Greatly increased zombie spawn amount, zombie sight range, zombie variety, and game stage progression.
  3. You NEVER need to visit a trader. You can craft everything – i think. There might be some things you cannot.
  4. Lots of new recipes and alternate recipes. Aloe is not the only plant that can heal you.
  5. a. Recipes are unlocked by levelling up skills. TRaps are unlocked by having certain skills – dart = archery, blade = deepcuts, turrets = robots skill, etc. Mods are also unlocked by skills.
  6. b. Perkbooks just give you bonuses to the related skill. Read lots of books on knives and your knives do more damage etc. Medical books increase dismember chance. Workstation books increase XP earned.
  7. Corpse blocks are back because for me – they never left. I have been modding them back into all my games since they removed them. They look wonky sometimes but I love them.
  8. All biomes are equal – there is no difficulty increase or loot increase. You can start in any biome and survive in any biome. I personally remove wateland from my maps because it is the same difficulty as every other biome now but the lighting was too annoying.
  9. Crafted blocks are way stronger. It bothers be greatly watching zombies eat concrete… it is just dumb.
  10. Plants revert to seeds.
  11. Empty GLass Jars are back.
  12. All animals can spawn everywhere… get eaten by bears or cats or whatever.
  13. Ferals and Radiated zombies are nerfed because they just kill you too much when you fight them on day one. You will fight them on day and a lot more in the world. The only change is they dismember easier and hey havev less pain resist.
  14. 2 skill points per level.
  15. Dogs have less hitpoints because it is dumb that they have the same hitpoints as zombies… its a dog.
  16. All blocks are see through to the zombies. They know where you are…
  17. You can get every ore from every biome. Potassium and Coal drop from same nodes and Shale and lead drop from same nodes.

How This Mod Is Meant to Be Played (By Me at Least)

  1. Single Player… i never played multiplayer and i have never tested this mod multiplayer.
  2. Survivalist or insane, nightmare night and feral, Feral sense on!, 25% Loot and no respawning loot, air drop every 7 days.
  3. Permadeath. You restart if you die. It is the only way this game is actually fun. Respawning is dumb and it just makes every playthrough a guaranteed win.
  4. Replace the spawnpoints file in your generate map folder with the one in this mod. It only really works on 7000 x 7000 or bigger maps. It gives a larger variety of spawn points and ignores poi and trader locations.
  5. You will probably get sick of this game at around 4 weeks but if you managed to last that long then you will feel good and your base will be pretty good so you stop playing the game and wait for the next version from the Fun Pimps.
  6. I like the Expanded Weapon Skillbooks mod by Razor.

7 days to die zolokhan's mod additional screenshot 1

7 days to die zolokhan's mod additional screenshot 2

7 days to die zolokhan's mod additional screenshot 3

7 days to die zolokhan's mod additional screenshot 4

Things I Still Want to Do With This Mod

  1. Can anyone tell me how to color tint a block so the corpse blocks look more red?
  2. Find a way to make the zombie spawns to increase with game stage because the way the gme workse zombie spawn the same on day one as day 300. It only changes wandering hordes, poi zombies, and horde night zombies.
  3. Balance the difficulty so that it is as hard as it can be but still allow you the ability to win.
  4. Maybe weaken the hardness of blocks so your base gets eaten faster but not as fast as vanilla.
  5. Maybe slow down progression and go back to the one skill point per level. I dunno…
  6. Play around with zombie spawning some more.


Credits: Zolokhan

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5 thoughts on “Zolokhan’s Mod

  1. this mod mentions that the zeds aren’t nearly as blind as they normally are, i’m not sure i want to use this mod just yet, but can i get a standalone of the zeds having much better sight range?

    1. It is very easy to increase zombie sight.

      If you are just playing single player then just change the game files directly … it is only much more complicated when you want to release the mod to other people.

      Just open this file : 7dtd/data/config/entityclasses.xml …. open it with notepad++ or jut notepad and change line 464 sight range to whatever number you want.

  2. Sure. I just did it.

    Did you try this mod out? Day one is killer … I like it more brutal and less grindy . I dunno if anyone else plays like that but I want get in, kill zombies, and by day 35 I am done.

    1. Sure. I think anyone could do from looking into my mod but I can make a separate one.

      did you try out this mod? Get swamped on day one? lol it is survivable.

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