Shipping Container Parts

7 days to die shipping container parts, 7 days to die building materials, 7 days to die doors

BarryTGash was a little disappointed that shipping container sections were not craftable. So he made them craftable.

Craftable from the workbench, conveniently titled “shippingContainerBlockVariantHelper”. Selectable shapes are:

  • shippingContainerSideGreen
  • shippingContainerDoorFrameGreen
  • shippingContainerDoorLeftOpenGreen
  • shippingContainerSideTextGreen
  • shippingContainerDoorsClosedGreen
  • shippingContainerDoorRightOpenGreen
  • shippingContainerSideHoleGreen
  • shippingContainerDoorFrameBlue
  • shippingContainerDoorLeftOpenBlue
  • shippingContainerSideBlue
  • shippingContainerDoorsClosedBlue
  • shippingContainerDoorRightOpenBlue
  • shippingContainerSideTextBlue
  • shippingContainerDoorFrameOrange
  • shippingContainerDoorLeftOpenOrange
  • shippingContainerSideHoleBlue
  • shippingContainerDoorsClosedOrange
  • shippingContainerDoorRightOpenOrange
  • shippingContainerSideOrange
  • shippingContainerSideTextOrange
  • shippingContainerSideHoleOrange

Cost is 90 forged iron. Material has been changed from Mmetal_hard (2500hp) to Miron (8000hp). Base crafting time is 9 minutes. These stats have been selected on the basis that each piece occupies the space of 9 blocks (3×3), so 10 forged iron and 1 minute per block space.

BarryTGash think 8000hp is fine, on the basis that once the block has been destroyed, you have a gaping hole in your wall. Feel free to edit your own copy with a material from materials.xml if you think the hp is too much or not enough.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: BarryTGash

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