Backup Mod

7 days to die backup mod

This mod makes it possible to automatically backup and restore your game saves.


You can configure the mod by modifying the ‘settings.json’ file, or you can also use the FilUnderscore’s Mod Manager. If you changed the configuration when you were in game, you should re-enter to your world to apply changed settings.

  "General": {
    // Backups limit
    // Default: 10
    "BackupsLimit": 10,
    // Custom backups folder path
    // IMPORTANT: You must escape all '\' characters or use '/'
    // Example: "C:\DaysToDie\\Backups"
    // Default: ""
    "CustomBackupsFolder": "",
    // Write debug information to the logs/log.txt file and to the in-game/server console
    // Default: false
    "DebugMode": false
  "AutoBackup": {
    // Is automatic backup enabled
    // Default: true
    "Enabled": true,
    // Auto backup delay (seconds)
    // Min: 10
    // Default: 1200 (20 minutes)
    "Delay": 1200,
    // Reset the delay timer after a manual backup
    // Default: false
    "ResetDelayTimerAfterManualBackup": false,

    // Skip the next scheduled backup, if there are no players on the server
    // Default: false
    "SkipIfThereAreNoPlayers": false
  "Archive": {
    // Keep the last backup of the day
    // Default: false
    "Enabled": false,

    // Backups limit
    // Default: 10
    "BackupsLimit": 10,
    // Custom archive folder path.
    // IMPORTANT: You must escape all '\' characters or use '/'
    // Example: "C:\DaysToDie\\Archive".
    // Default: ""
    "CustomArchiveFolder": ""
  "Events": {
    // Backup when world loaded
    // Default: true
    "BackupOnWorldLoaded": true,

    // Backup when the last player on the server disconnected
    // Default: false
    "BackupOnServerIsEmpty": false
  "Notifications": {
    // Are ALL chat notifications enabled
    // Default: true
    "Enabled": true,

    "Countdown" : {
      // Are countdown chat notifications enabled
      // Default: true
      "Enabled": true,
      // Do a countdown * seconds before backup starts
      // Min: 1
      // Default: 5
      "CountFrom": 5

By default, your backups for each save will be saved in the ‘%AppData%/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Backups/%WorldName%/%SaveName%‘ directory (on windows). And your archived backups for each save will be saved in the ‘%AppData%/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Archive/%WorldName%/%SaveName%‘ folder (on windows).

P.S. You can also change the UserGameData property in your serverconfig.xml or in the game startup arguments. Then by default it will use the next directories: ‘%UserGameData%/Backups/%WorldName%/%SaveName%‘ for backups, and ‘%UserGameData%/Archive/%WorldName%/%SaveName%‘ for archive.


You can use the ‘backup‘ command or its shortened version – the ‘bp‘ command.

  • backup‘ – perform a forceful backup
  • backup info‘ – show the current configuration of the mod
  • backup list‘ – show all available backups
  • backup restore‘ – restore a save from a backup
  • backup delete‘ – delete a backup
  • backup start‘ – start an AutoBackup process (even if disabled in settings.json)
  • backup stop‘ – stop the current AutoBackup process


  1. Extract the downloaded .zip archive
  2. Move the extracted ‘BackupMod’ folder to your ‘Mods’ folder


Required game version: Alpha 20

EAC Compatibility

Server only. To load in single-player mode, you must disable EAC.

Ntaklive hope this mod will be useful to someone.



Alpha 21 support added.


Fixed the inability to restore the current world after disconnecting.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (1,2 MB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (1,7 MB)

If you appreciate Ntaklive’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ntaklive

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19 thoughts on “Backup Mod

  1. Thank you!!!! I just lost my character when my lights went out. The world got saved, but my characer got reset and I had to give myself back as much stuff as I could remember, but even then I lost some stuff I forgot, and there’s no way I could remember all books I read.
    But never again!

  2. Hi there, I have recently installed your Mod and wanted to test the restoring on my dedicated server. I have installed the mod server side. I cannot see how to do the backup restore on the server when it has to be down for it to work… I cannot do it in my F1 console as it obviously wouldn’t connect to the server when it is down… So how do I use the restore function when running on a dedicated server? 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Awesome Mod! I am seeing the backups running successfully every hour (I set it to every 60 minutes). The one question I have. Do you run these commands from the ingame F1 Console window or can you run these commands from the terminal window as well? I tried in the terminal and it wasn’t recognizing the command?

    1. The commands work fine both in the in-game console and in the server terminal. There are no restrictions on the mod side, but you cannot use the restore command while your world/server is running.
      Maybe your server uses EAC anti-cheat, it prevents the loading of .dll mods. Check your serverconfig.xml in the game root directory.

      1. ntaklive,

        How does the backup restore work? I have tried to use it ingame and in the terminal window and it throws an error? Has to be executed in the Main Menu.

        1. You can only use this command in the main menu of the game client. It’s not possible to execute some commands from the server console.
          So… If you want to use the ‘bp restore’ or ‘bp delete’ command, you may execute the ‘bp list’ or ‘bp restore’/’bp delete’ (without arguments) command, you will see a list of available backups, then just use the required command as described in the console instructions.

          1. Ah, thank you very much. I missed the map and game values in my restore. So, I was typing “backup restore 6” not “backup restore 1 0 6” in the console command. Thank you for all your help 😀

  4. Thank you very much for this. I have been looking for an easy solution for backing up my 7DtD saves, but most either don’t work (or I can’t figure them out), or are very fiddly to get working, and even then are not user friendly. This one just works in the background, which is perfect.

    One thing I would request, if you are still working on features, is to have a console command to make a backup at any time, like the current “saveworld” or “sa”. Maybe even somehow link to those particular commands to do the backup when used from the console.

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