Chicken Coops

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Adds a chicken coop to the game that works the same way as the Darkness Falls one. Unlocked with Living off the Land 1. Craft, place, wait, loot. Once you’ve looted it, hold animal feed in your hand (so toolbelt and select it), then right-click on the chicken coop to “feed the chickens” so they can start producing again.

XML + Assets Mod (cannot be server only).

Terms of Use

  • These use purchased assets. The mod is available for personal use (even for servers). However, anyone including this mod in their own modpack needs to make sure they purchase the following assets in order to have the correct licence.


Localization fixes.


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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KhaineGB

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7 thoughts on “Chicken Coops

  1. Not working in A21.1, though I do have a few mods. It appears to be trying to append info in ‘progression.xml’ that’s in the wrong format, i.e., inconsistent.

    Is this mod a zombie?

    1. Edit to add: I’ve taken the “UnlockedBy” statements out, and now I can build the coop (I already had LOTL 1-3). I think there was a change to how tags are used to associate perks with crafting, and now I guess I gotta figure out how they’re doing it if I want this mod to WAD.

  2. You and Donovan are my favorite 7d2d cc creators. Thank you for uploading these files individually since darkness falls is to much for my current pc :).

  3. Hello,

    I have successfully used the chicken coops a few times in darkness falls, but the coops keep disappearing . Are they being destroyed by zombies when I’m not looking, or are they glitching out?

    Will the coop still work if I build a ledge and place them out of reach on the side of my base?

  4. Please explain further how this mod works for people who have not used the Darkness Falls mod. Thanks.

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