Vanilla Firearms Extended

7 days to die vanilla firearms extended, 7 days to die weapons, 7 days to die ammo

This 7DTD mod adds over twenty firearms to the game, complete with custom animations, icons, sounds, attachments, etc. Sykriss did his best to make them up to vanilla standards as he doesn’t want things disrupting the players immersion.

It also adds two new ammo types, .45acp and 5.56x45mm, to serve as intermediate rounds. They are all balanced and integrated into the vanilla loot, trader, and recipe/schematic tables so you shouldn’t be drowning in guns everywhere (He had some testers confirm this before public release).

Full List of Included Firearms


  • M1911
  • Mark 23
  • Glock 17
  • Makarov
  • TEC-9
  • P250
  • Walther P99
  • USP
  • .45 revolver
  • 9mm revolver
  • Desert Eagle in 44 mag


  • Full length side-by-side
  • RSX-1, semi auto shotgun
  • Full length over-under
  • Single barrel shotgun


  • M1 carbine in 9mm
  • SKS
  • Ak-101
  • AR15
  • HK416
  • G36C
  • SVD
  • SCAR-H
  • SCAR-L
  • SG-553
  • Sporting Rifle (5.56x45mm bolt action)
  • Varmint Rifle (9mm bolt action)


  • AKS-74u
  • Vz 62 Skorpion
  • Micro UZI
  • Mac-11
  • UMP-45
  • PP-19
  • Skorpion

Download Vanilla Firearms Extended
Download Compatibility Patch for His PIP Optics
Download Compatibility Patch for His Pistol RMR

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Sykriss

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18 thoughts on “Vanilla Firearms Extended

  1. yup mod seems broken unfortunately, cant scrap items, players cant join, not finding any of the guns.

    1. Yup. Its weirdly beautiful yet not totally working at all. I manually edited it but its not showing up.

  2. This mod does not work with servers for some reason i always get errors and its says gun.pistol xml is missing please fix this issue

  3. Hello Sykriss,

    First, I love this mod and I’m looking forward to have a proper version for A19.
    The second, this guns are not behave like the base guns in game. They run out of bullet and wont reload automatically. This is a considerable disadvantage in fierce combat.

  4. Playing with this in the latest update (with the new patch) I have about 10 stacks if 200 5.56mm ammo and no guns yet, I’m finding loads of that ammo. Also I don’t know what guns use what ammo?

  5. is it gonna be on a19 because i really like the mod butt since im playing on the experimental build of 19 the guns wont spawn, cant be crafted or be bought

    is there a way that i could tweak it to work on properly?
    im asking just to be sure

    1. no i cant buy, build or craft them but i can spawn them in with creative or cheats. but i can find the ammo tho

  6. me and my buddy need help with this mod it will pop RED in the console for his server can we get some help or talk to figure this out

  7. When I have this mod installed I can no longer use the prefab editor. I catch a bunch of errors in red in the console.

    “Loading data player failed”

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