Solar Plus V2 – DA-Core

7 days to die solar plus, 7 days to die perks, 7 days to die books, 7 days to die electricity

This Mod Was created by Dewta and Ace!

This mod will have 2 mods, the Core and Solar Plus V2, you need both installed.

This Mod Will add Solar banks to crafting, a magazine skill to craft solar cells and banks (200 for balancing), solar cells should cost 1000 forged steel and 100 electrical parts for level 1, then 2000, 200, all the way up to 7k and 700. This aims to keep it difficult to get solar cells, but without having to farm traders for days… Hope you all enjoy.

Things This Mod Will Change

  • Added Solar banks to workbench crafting via magazine skill (Greener Living Magazine).
  • Added solar cells to crafting (via Magazine skill).
  • Magazine skill unlocks solar cells level 1-6 at magazine level 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, and 200.
  • Solar banks Unlock at Magazine Skill 50.
  • Adds a skill tab for Solar Plus and the skill “Greener Living” which increases magazine chance.
  • Magazines are ONLY lootable via zombie lootbags, this helps make them harder to come by.

Things This Mod Will NOT Change

  • Solar cell trader rates
  • Solar cell efficiency
  • Solar bank assets

7 days to die solar plus additional screenshot 1

7 days to die solar plus additional screenshot 2


Our team is working really hard on making these mods bug free and fun, and yes, we do plan on updating to A22 if it came to it. As for previous Alphas, unfortunately we do not have any plans on making variants of our mods to work with older game versions.

  • Development/UI Design – Dewta
  • Development/Graphical/UI Design – Ace

If you need any support for any of our mods, my discord (Dewtas) server is open to anyone who is respectful!


I added the magazines to lootables so the items can be looted from book crates.

DOWNLOAD Solar Plus V2 (414 KB)

If you would like to support us, we are open to donations, it helps us keep making mods: PayPal

Credits: Dewta, Ace

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