Faster Levelling

7 days to die faster levelling, 7 days to die experience

This mod reduces the XP required to level up. It is now easier to level up.

Use this mod on a new save and don’t remove once your game is started with it.

There are 3 different versions:

  1. 7000+xp Version
  2. 6000+xp Version
  3. 5000+xp Version

This mod is an edited version of Slower Levelling mod. Thanks and credits goes to JaxTeller718.


Tested and works with A21.

DOWNLOAD 7000+xp Version (2 KB)
DOWNLOAD 6000+xp Version (2 KB)
DOWNLOAD 5000+xp Version (2 KB)

Credits: Abasiyanik, JaxTeller718

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