Teleport Portal Mod

7 days to die teleport portal mod

Are you ready for fast travel? This mod uses a new feature in Sphereii Core that allows for teleport blocks. Either place one, label it and then place another and give it the same label to travel between the two portal blocks, OR, edit the XML to give it a label name there, so that when you place it in a custom POI (or two), you can have a fast travel point from one place to another.

Imagine a trader who has a fast travel spot to a specific area. You can now do this!

7 days to die teleport portal mod additional screenshot

A20 compatible. Non EAC. Client install required.

This mod requires Sphereii Core (SCore) in order to work.


  • (new) Fix recipe error
  • Fix by Ralyj for the recipes


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur

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4 thoughts on “Teleport Portal Mod

  1. Is this mode for administrators only?
    And may I ask where to modify the teleport name?
    Do I have to install the mode on the client and server?

  2. ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing “blocks.xml” failed
    EXC Extends block portalMaster is not specified for block guppyMagicPortal01

  3. I get Null reference when trying to load into game with this A20.6 with Latest S-Core Mod, if i remove this mod it load in ok, but if i add this mod it just get endless Null reference errors and doesn’t load into game.

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