Immersive Calendar

7 days to die immersive calendar

Shado47-ImmersiveDays is a small modlet that changes the day display below the compass.
Instead of counting up “Day 1”, “Day 2”, “Day 3”, etc., it counts up a semi-realistic calendar:

“Monday, January 1st, 2020”
“Tuesday, January 2nd, 2020”
“Wednesday, January 3rd, 2020”

It uses 364 day years instead of realistic 365 day years so it’ll divide properly by 7, which means if you’re playing on regular horde night settings (every 7 days), every sunday will be horde night.

The counter starts on January 1st, 2020, and after 364 days, the year will go up accordingly. This should work indefinitely.

Special thanks for their help and pointers with maths and xml code to:

  • Alloc
  • Laydor
  • Haidr’Gna

Mod is for Alpha 20 but is tested and works just fine on Alpha 21.


If you appreciate Shado47’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Shado47

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6 thoughts on “Immersive Calendar

  1. This is really great! This is really minor, but any chance of changing the trader restock day to match?

    1. I’d need to check where that bit of information is stored/provided. If I find the time, I’ll look into it.

      1. Yeah, that is sort of the in-joke of the mod, that Covid was the apocalypse that is portrayed in 7 Days To Die.

        Anyway, to answer the question:

        Should be in the controls.xml.

        The third line has this string:

        “text=”{# localization(‘daycount_’ + day%364)} {#Floor((day-1)/364) + 2020}”

        Simply change 2020 to whatever starting date you prefer. 2020 to me seemed the most accurate to the tech seen in game. From the variety of cars, to the existence of drones, to the types of computers found. 2000 didn’t really have many drones yet, computers weren’t using flatscreens as much, neither were TVs… you’d see very different stuff in the game if it were set in 2000.

        When I made the mod, 2013 was one of my considerations as a starting year, since it is where 7 Days To Die first came out. Also mostly fits the tech in the game. However it is a weird year to start with, and people unfamiliar with the mod wouldn’t immediately be able to tell from it how many days have passed on a server they might’ve just joined.

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