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Magbow 3.0 is back!

Russiandood is sorry for the delay in updating this passion project of him and he thanks to all those that updated the mod to work for A19 & A20. He plan to keep this up to date and again may add more complexity later on.

One of the main reasons he failed to update this for so long is that he ended up losing his Unity project for this and others. He lost his motivation to rebuild it and also the fact that the Alphas kept changing how progression and how the weapons worked in xml. He think TFP are getting even closer to how they feel the progression will go, so he feel this was as good as a time as ever to rebuild the Magbow.

Here Are the Features

  • Holds 15 bolts.
  • Custom sound and fire animation.
  • Bolt velocity is 40% faster than a crossbow.
  • Entity damage is increased by 30.
  • Unlocked at lvl 75 Bows
  • Rare find in loot
  • Can purchase from trader at the same time you can buy the other high tier weapons, like the Auto Shotgun.
  • Attachments work for the most part, may need additional tweaking. Reflex sight looks great and would recommend it!
    • Reflex Sight/2x/4x/8x Scopes
    • Laser Sight (Looks a little funky, and couldn’t fix)
    • Flashlight
    • Magazine and Drum Attachment
    • Polymer String
    • Grips and Bipod

Here Is What Has Changed for Version 3.0

  • Fixed to work in A21
  • Fixed issue with bolts stack below on the Magbow. Now the arrow sticks out in front and doesn’t stack. See picture to see how it looks.
  • Tweaked damage and velocity
  • Changed unlock method to craft Magbow. Unlocked at level 75 Bows (Removed Schematic to unlock recipe)
  • Added support for the x8 scope, he had to go through a round about way to add a new model and have the game attach it correctly. (Craft normal x8 scope into the Magbow x8 scope and vice versa.)
  • Added Magbow Crafting Component, Military-Grade Polymer String
    • 2 Military Fiber
    • 1 Acid
    • 5 Scrap Polymer
    • 4 Cloth
  • Changed recipe to craft Magbow
    • 2 Wooden bow parts
    • 2 Military-Grade Polymer String
    • 5 Reforged Steel
    • 1 glue
    • 20 Scrap Polymers
  • Updated Localization file
  • Changed weapon Hold Type and the reload is a bit more accurate

Release Notes 3.1

  • Fixed Magbow to be bought from trader, added the traders.xml
  • Added it as a T6 Quest reward

Please let him know of bugs, issues and suggestions. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Model is a purchased model. May not be used for without permission.

7 days to die magbow additional screenshot 1

7 days to die magbow additional screenshot 2

7 days to die magbow additional screenshot 3

7 days to die magbow additional screenshot 4

7 days to die magbow additional screenshot 5

7 days to die magbow additional screenshot 6


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Russiandood

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3 thoughts on “Magbow

  1. This is far and away my favorite weapon to use on 7 Days. Thank you for your work on this. Even if I want to run an unmodded game, this goes in. Stellar work!!

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