Wasteland Weapons

7dtd wasteland weapons, 7 days to die weapons

This 7 Days to Die mod adds in basic, craftable Fallout 4 style pipe guns, along with some custom weapons.

Pipe Guns

Fairly weak and has a low durability. Currently still has tiers, but stats/mod slots are the same no matter what.

  • Pipe Pistol: Simple homemade pistol. Low durbility. Regular 9mm only.
  • Pipe Rifle: Crude rifle. Starts out as a short barrel. Low durability. Regular 9mm only.
  • Pipe Shotgun: Pipes and some bolts. The Shotgun starts as a basic short barrel, single shot version which you can craft into a long barrel version at a workbench. There is also a craftable extended mag mod for them which adds a 4 round revolver-style rotating cylinder. Regular shells only. Reload animations for the Shotguns are in, but the hands can’t be fixed AFAIK.

The pipe guns will break once they degrade!

Current Weapon Mods Available

  • Oil Filter Suppressor: Usable on the Pipe Pistol and Rifle. Can be wrenched from cars and in some loot. Big though, and limits ADS effectiveness. Slight loss of range and damage and also adds a small increase to degradation of the weapon due to increased blowback.
  • Extended Mag: For the Pipe Pistol and Rifle. Doubles the pistol and rifle capacity, also actually shows on the gun, unlike vanilla. Only works on pipe guns.
  • Long Barrel: Versions for both the rifle and shotgun. This adds a longer barrel, increasing effective range. Makes hip fire more unwieldy, and also slightly increase weapon degradation. Works as a mod for the rifle, used as a recipe ingredient for the shotgun.
  • Cylinder Mag: Can be used on long or short shotguns. Ups the shell capacity to 4 rounds.
  • Homemade Flashlight: Custom attachment for all WW guns.

Legendary Guns

  • Silent But Deadly: Custom pistol. Comes with a silencer. Higher capacity.
  • Long Distance: Unique rifle. Has a 4x scope. Higher dismemberment chance.
  • Firestarter: Quality homemade shotgun. Single shot. Very high limb dismemberment. Accepts all shells and applies Dragon’s Breath to them.
  • Lincoln’s Repeater: .44 Magnum lever action rifle. Able to penetrate multiple targets. High dismemberment. Accepts 8x scopes.

Can be found in certain loot. Also can be a quest reward. Very rare. Legendary weapon won’t permanently break.

Other Guns

  • Railway Rifle: If those puny bullets aren’t cutting it, craft this bad boy and show them who’s boss!
  • FatMan Launcher: Only available in loot. Launches any mini mukes you come across and maybe something else…
  • Lever Action Rifle: Old rifle, chambered in .44 Magnum. Unlocks with the Dead Eye perk, level 3. Crafts with hunting rifle parts. Accepts 8x scopes.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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