Working Clock Mod

7 days to die working clock mod, 7 days to die dmt mods

Two cuckoo clocks, one digital clock, one wall clock – includes recipes and can be picked up. The wall clock has that little red light bulb that lights up from 10pm to 4am.

One item modifier; goes into a helmet slot. Would work good for a mod where you don’t have a clock on the UI.

SphereII did the c# code for the blocks, Adreden did the c# code for the item modifier, Guppycur did the unity side stuff.

Want to use it in your mod? Credit the three of them.

This is a DMT mod. So requires DMT Modding Tool. To install: Copy this mod to the Mods folder in DMT. Then Build.

Guppycur has zero interest in tech supporting “how to install a dmt mod”.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur, SphereII, Adreden

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