Lower Stacking Amounts

7 days to die lower stacking amounts, 7 days to die stack size

This mod lowers the amount of many items (and a few blocks) that can stack in a storage slot (backpack/containers). Some stack lowering is rather extreme from vanilla settings.


  • Lightly tested. Just to see what its like 🙂
  • More “immersion” due to item stacks “feel” a little more realistic as something you might be able to carry in a pocket or backpack (ignoring weight still, and yeah its more like “overall what might be carryable in small amounts”). In real life you can carry 100 empty cans, but not if you wanted to carry other stuff so its “what might be practical” for things like this.
  • Makes traveling more difficult as you cannot take lots of food/water/items.
  • When looting, your backpack slots will fill up much faster, forcing you to choose what to carry (or store for later) much much much more often
  • If you want to carry “a lot” of something, you’re going to have to not carry other items, making “gathering a lot of wood” or “mining coal” (for example) a chore you will likely have to have an empty backpack to do or build a local storage depot around the resource, and maybe carry only essentials like a litte food, water, a weapon and some ammo.
  • Since you can’t carry a lot of items, you can’t sell massive amounts to the trader, lessening the ability to rely on buying/selling to get money.


1. No more carrying 6000 wood/rocks/etc per stack!


Drinks in vanilla generally stack 10/slot. Now they are 4

Small Rocks in vanilla are 6000, now its 80

Wood in vanilla is 6000, now its 30


Most “large” or “heavy” things are set very low or 1

2. Bundles in vanilla are unchanged

3. Some ammo stacking was lowered (arrows, rockets) and traps, but bullets (except gunpowder/nitrate) are unchanged.

4. Most blocks were not changed. Those that were are some the player can player “pick up”, like the bedroll and the burning barrel for example. Trap stacks were also lowered when they were large/heavy looking. If a block is used for “vase defenses”, like doors and hatches these were lowered but “nirmal” bocvks or decor blocs are not unless Doughphunghus felt like lowering it. He doesn’t want “building” to be too difficult, just running around and looting and creatinf defenses (to slow down usual last minute panicking of setting down traps and doors)


  • (new) Updated for A21.
  • A20 conversion and added more blocks.

DOWNLOAD Items: Lower Stacking Amounts (43 KB)
DOWNLOAD Blocks: Lower Stacking Amounts (12 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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3 thoughts on “Lower Stacking Amounts

  1. I played that kind of mod in alpha 19. The problem was, that the limitation is also working on storage chasts and in vehicles. But if it the limitation would work only for the belt and the personal inventory – I would like it. So, this mod, does it work that way? Limitied amount only for the players inventory?

  2. A bit overboard with 80 rocks but overall it’s fine. Unfortunately, people don’t like the core aspect of looting and carrying stuff as a core gameplay loop so they even install bigger backpack’s or high stack size which is sad to see.

    1. yeah, I am playing it in a game to try to get a feel for it and the rocks at 80 is … interesting. I originally tried to imagine your “bag” having a certain amount of “pockets” of things you would normally try to carry (like could reasonably carry) but it breaks down with the amount of slots and things like rocks, as sure 80 “small stones” is do-able as a “unit” but could be really heavy.. so a whole backpack would be impossible unless they were pebbles. 80 is pretty low though. I might knock it up a little, but then having wood at 30 (figured that might be an “big armful”) starts looking bad. doing it by weight is a similar challenge but might feel better.. but oh well.

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