Guppy’s Zombies

7 days to die guppy's zombies, 7 days to die zombies

Guppy’s Zombies for A21.

7 days to die guppy's zombies additional screenshot 1

7 days to die guppy's zombies additional screenshot 2

7 days to die guppy's zombies additional screenshot 3

FYI Guppycur does NOT update for Experimentals. Update the game at your own risk.

He will not attempt to troubleshoot any mod if it is used with ANY mod other than sCore or NPCmod. That’s not up to him to do! It is the player’s responsibility to troubleshoot when they mix mods, not his. If there are issues with the mod when run by itself (and score and npcmod) then he will take a look.


  • (new) Zombie large entity collider issue confirmed and fixed. Git updated. (Guppy’s Zombies and Guppy’s Zombies Three)
  • Updating the gitlab (Guppy’s Zombies and Guppy’s Zombies Three) to include notBouBou’s files; the old versions have been renamed .old if you want to keep them.
  • Oh btw in theory, that no arms dude’s death animation is fixed (Guppy’s Zombies), and the heavier zombies in pack 3 have better xp gains.
  • Updated again. (Guppy’s Zombies and Guppy’s Zombies Three) Added cloth physics to the old lady, and fixed Seth. He was not well. Didn’t test tho, so… Yolo. Back up the mods before replacing them. 🙂
  • Git(s) updated for Zombie Pack THREE. Resolved darkness issue (thanks OCBMaurice!), and re-balanced the hp some.

DOWNLOAD Guppy’s Zombies (676,3 MB)
DOWNLOAD Guppy’s Zombies Two (108,4 MB)
DOWNLOAD Guppy’s Zombies Three (280,3 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur

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30 thoughts on “Guppy’s Zombies

  1. Ive just changed the old Guppy’s Zombies mod with this one and indeed the no arms zombie issue has been fixed wich its great. I have all 3 pack been testing all 3 packs out and they working well, many thanks! But we are missing the Meaty zombie and only way to spawn it is trough admin and when you do that you get massive red errors rain. (would be nice that one to be fixed too) Everything else so far so good. Also as someone else said on comments would be nice all zombies to be lootable, so far only the Giant and Baby Boomer can be looted. Cheers for this packs, keep up good work! 🙂

  2. Also, haven’t seen the baby or the clown yet, but the little girl that looks like Wednesday Addams was quite frightening when she first showed up.

  3. Several of the Zombies seem to be immune to electric fence traps. IS that as-designed or a bug? IMO, it should be considered a bug, because everything depends on electricity to transmit signals in their bodies.

    One more thing. Several of these zombies are seriously more dangerous than vanilla ones. The big red guy with metal spikes for hands, the guy with the clown mask, and that damned baby are very dangerous, yet they only drop yellow loot bags. The big red zombie should drop at least a blue one, possibly a red one, as it is at least as dangerous as the demo. The Baby is something that makes you sympathetic ONCE. WAY more dangerous than you’d think…

  4. There’s a pale zombie that’s always feral and extremely tough, yet it only grants 75% of the xp of a normal zombie when killed. The huge, heavily armored zombie with club hands also grants only the normal amount of xp for a basic zombie. Are either of these intended?

    1. The Big red zombie and the clown both are damage sinks. They take a ton of damage. I’ve hit the big red one with 5 consecutive shotgun blasts to the face and it kept coming. The clown takes around 4-5 shotgun blasts to the head. They both should drop higher loot bags than they do, IMO…

  5. Nice mod, I play with friend it’s fun, the Z are beautiful, but just one very little “problem” the baby don’t work ? lol it’s creepy and after 40 days 0 baby, we have all excpet him

  6. Would it be possible at all to get those old Doctor / Soldier zombies fixed up/added in? we need more of those types as well!. anyway thank you Gup and whoever else for setting this up. much love <3

  7. Great contribution, I only have one question, does the mod replace the models of the zombies from A21 or are they added?

  8. 1st of all very laged when i use spawnlist f6
    2nd no entitygroups and spawnlist on it
    i testing no where spawning these zombies only with f6

  9. does this work with other mods? i put it in the mod folder it didnt work and it tried switching the entity log with the on in 7d2d configure file and it wont load when it try to load my map

  10. When these Zombies use a double handed attack, they can warp forward through objects/blocks like 2-3 thick and warp back again after the animation ends, and I’m not talking about the way some vanilla zeds can crawl hit through thin blocks like fences or windows.
    Anyone else have this?

    1. Nah, I havent had any issues with them except when you have Mass numbers on horde night. Then they can get thru very rarely.

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