Additional Arrows

7 days to die additional arrows, 7 days to die ammo

I am a fan of archery. As in, IRL.

And thus, entering into 7dtd, I wondered where glass arrowheads were. Now, you might be thinking, “wha???” But glass arrowheads are quite effective. Don’t believe me? Here’s a video:

Thing of it is, people used to use flint and obsidian (nature’s glass) to make arrowheads because they are easy to shape and hold an edge. But they aren’t the strongest stones in the world – kinda the point. In comparison to those old stone arrowheads, glass fits right in in strength and malleability.

And the thing of it is, in a post-apocalyptic survival situation, high-quality glass is really easy to come by, and really easy to make arrowheads from.

While we’re on the subject, where’s lightweight modern arrows? –Now both exist.

The scrap arrow sits between the stone arrow and iron arrow in usefulness, and it is more difficult to craft than stone, but way easier than iron, requiring only a campfire. Fiberglass, on the other hand, requires military fiber as an ingredient and is thus very difficult to craft, but is a better arrow than even steel.


This mod uses uses a restricted use model from Momoe Mollari. And it also uses one paid Unity asset, namely Ultimate Bows and Arrows Vol1.

  • Scrap Arrow
  • Scrap Bolt
  • Fiberglass Arrow
  • Fiberglass Bolt

7 days to die additional arrows additional screenshot 1

7 days to die additional arrows additional screenshot 2

7 days to die additional arrows additional screenshot 4

7 days to die additional arrows additional screenshot 3


  • 1.04 (A21 only.)
    • Fixed an unlocking issue with the new A21 recipe system. Changed the arrows and arrowheads to produce glass and military fiber when scrapped.
  • 1.03
    • Added a new model for the fiberglass arrow thanks to Momoe Mollari. Also edited the glass arrow with a proper glass texture.
  • 1.02
    • Added bundles for both scrap and fiberglass
  • 1.01
    • Fixed fiberglass arrowhead unlock
  • 1.00
    • Release

DOWNLOAD for A21 (10 MB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (10 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Chambers

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11 thoughts on “Additional Arrows

  1. I noticed in the items.xml that you removed the bows and then readded them almost identically save for adding the new arrows and bolts as magazine items.

    The following five lines do the same thing and save you 530 lines of code! (This specific code is technically untested, but I’ve used these exact commands to add flechettes from Izayo’s shotgun mod to the vanilla shotguns without issue. So barring a typo somewhere this should be plug and play)


  2. I just installed the “Exotic Ammo” mod from BoxTurtle Games, and was saddened to see their arrows don’t show up in the ammo ring for my bow. There;s no way I’d be without my beloved fibre glass arrows, but I wondered if you (or anyone) knew a way I could get your arrow AND the glass ones from the Exotic Ammo to show in the ammo selector ring.

  3. Absolute ‘Must have’ mod. When you miss a target you can find the arrows quickly, as the flight stand out. Pretty amazing mod, and one of my very favourites. Thank you so much. Great work.

  4. is this host side, or server side? need to know if my frineds need to install this or if i have it as host thats all thats needed

  5. You should add an illuminated nock to the arrows and bolts so we can find them easier after we shoot them

  6. I read all 7 ranger books and still can’t create fiberglass arrowheads, they’re locked.
    Console said something about problem in progression.xml file, so it was not applied … problem at line 3 position 3 and line 4 position 3.

  7. I have downloaded this mod as I think this will fit in nicely with the 7dtd series currently on my channel. Run And Hide Gamer.

    Will probably use the arrows in the next couple of days.

    1. I tried to respond with the specific code that would save you from having to remove and re-add all the bows, but all the code formatting was stripped…

      The gist of it is to use a “set xpath” command, then filter down levels to the specific property “Magazine_Items” and replace the ‘value’ with the entirety of the magazine items you want available. The ui code takes care of the rest, thankfully.

      If the other comment doesn’t show up, doing this correctly brings the number of lines for the items.xml down to 300 exactly!

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