AC Teleports

7 days to die ac teleports

Introducing The AC Teleports.

These Teleports are for Alpha 20 brought to you by The A-Team.

These Teleports add a new way of traveling to the miscellaneous selection. With these teleports you are able to travel from base to base and if you die, you can teleport straight to your backpack. These three teleports are very convenient and cut the traveling time in half.

No Models have been altered from the ‘original creator’ they are set up with appropriate lighting shader in unity for 7 Days to Die game.

7 days to die ac teleports additional screenshot 1

7 days to die ac teleports additional screenshot 2

7 days to die ac teleports additional screenshot 3

Mod’s that add new assets must be installed on both server and client.

Important Note: If you want to include any of their mods in your overhaul please do them the courtesy of asking for permission first. When given you must give the due credit to the authors and any other modders that may be credited under the Additional Credits section if any. Also you are not allowed to extract any unity files without their permission either, if there has been an alpha change then wait and files will be updated. For the new alpha version as soon as they possibly can. Thank You!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ActiniumTiger

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4 thoughts on “AC Teleports

  1. Amazingly cool mod! Working good in A20.5
    Lights up a big area, so be aware of that.
    The teleport puts you on the intended target, not in the other portal.
    Be sure the other end is in a safe space for you to spawn at.

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