AH-64 Apache Helicopter

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This mod adds a AH-64 Apache Helicopter. The controls are the same as the gyrocopter, except W will lift you upward instead of forward like a helicopter would.

The AH-64 Apache Helicopter can be unlocked with grease monkey level 5 or by finding the schematics to make the parts. You can also find the parts bundle for completing tier 5 quests. Missiles can be fired from the helicopter by pressing the right mouse button while you have the helicopter missile ammo in your inventory. Alternatively you can use the number keys to fire each weapon individually, numbers 1 and 2 are used for the helicopter. The controls settings can also be changed in the settings menu under the vehicles section.


  • Working missiles
  • Faster flying speed
  • Larger storage
  • More fuel capacity
  • High durability
  • Can be dyed
  • 2 seats

Special thanks to Closer_Ex for the vehicle weapon system and Ragsy and Bdubyah for the helicopter xml.

Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. EAC MUST BE OFF!

7 days to die ah-64 apache helicopter additional screenshot 1

7 days to die ah-64 apache helicopter additional screenshot 2

7 days to die ah-64 apache helicopter additional screenshot 3

7 days to die ah-64 apache helicopter additional screenshot 4


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Credits: Zilox, Closer_Ex

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24 thoughts on “AH-64 Apache Helicopter

  1. This is the best chopper yet for me looks awesome and fly’s sweet missiles would be good if a little op.. great job

    1. Thank you. personally I don’t think missiles belongs in this game, perhaps other players shooting from the helicopter would work better.

      1. Hi Zilox, great work on the Apache!

        Potential collab option??

        I have been playing with XML files for a few months now, and am looking to add mods of my own.
        I had an idea for adding an item_modifier which go great with the Apache – it would add a junkTurret to the vehicle, and can target/shoot zombies from ‘X’ distance, with maybe higher rate of fire, but longer delays between bursts.
        I have been messing with some files in the core game structure to test out the feasibility of the idea, but so far its come up empty for success results.

        If you’re interested in trying this sort of thing out, I would love to hear some ideas of how to make it work. Until then, I will continue trying different strategies.

        1. that would be insane idea turrets and maybe a weapon inside u can aim and shoot like some kind of machine gun the same we have in game a60 i think for example

  2. This mod isn’t compatible with the A20.5 version. My game has pop-up errors that never stop and I cant even move my player.

    1. I have tested and developed it on A20.5 and it is working fine. Make sure you install ALL of the mods included in the download.

  3. Excellent, excellent mod.

    Its amazing how well this flies.

    Works great on A20.5 but you must turn of EAC as stated by creator.

  4. wow great mod, insane indeed, i have a sugestion would it be posible to add some light to the apache so at nights i have a few lights on it, like the A team chopper, that mod have some lights on the vehicles itself and at nights it make it beatifull adn i think more realistic, anyway great mod good job sir.

  5. to me it gives me “NullReferenceException”. Thousands of them. I’m i doing something wrong or doesnt it work on Alpha 20.6 anymore?

  6. throws a bunch of wrn codes for referenced scripts and wrn for xml patch for the AH-64 Apache Helicopter, wrn code for loot.xml in reference to apache mod. not sure whats up

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