Incendiary Ammo

7 days to die incendiary ammo, 7 days to die ammo

A simple mod that creates incendiary ammo for each of the weapon types. It use the same formula as Flaming Arrows so it should also scale with any perks that boost duration. Phosphorus is the unique resource added that the player will need to craft the Incendiary Ammo and it is crafted with sand and stone in the chemistry station. In order to craft the ammo, the player will need to read the weapon type’s associated HP perk book. All added items can be bulk crafted in their associated work stations when certain perks/skills are unlocked. Phosphorus Powder requires ranks in Explosives to bulk craft in the chem station. Crafting resources needed are scaled to the base ammo type with longer craft times (roughly 50% longer).

7 days to die incendiary ammo additional screenshot


  • Fixed some text displaying the incorrect values
  • Added custom icons for ammo types so they are easier to distinguish on the ammo wheel
  • Balanced crafting times


Credits: WhackIt1

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