Kombucha’s Slay (Sleigh)

7 days to die kombucha's slay (sleigh), 7 days to die vehicles

This mod was developed for fun based on the Snufkin’s server side vehicles mod and the dogsled by Oak. I changed it up to create a slay (sleigh haha get it?) pulled by eight reindeer just in time for holiday fun. Its based off the gyrocoptor and uses the 4×4 for physics. Huge thanks to Arramus for flight and technical assistance.

Known Issues

  1. Sometimes when placing the 4×4 model is seen, simply pick it up and try again.
  2. The reindeer ragdoll model looks jiggly and wiggly, they have had too much holiday spiked punch.
  3. Side facing passengers have their hands in a weird position, when I get time I will fix this.
  4. Rear passenger is supposed to look like they are hanging off the back 🙂
  5. Yes, it runs on gas. Maybe that’s why the reindeer aren’t ok.


Credits: Kombucha, Snufkin, Oak, Arramus

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