LepeRs Flooded Cities (Forest Only)

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Created with Teragon World Generator, this hardcore map’s main feature is flooded cities within the forest biome. 2 (flooded) cities in the forest biome, 2 cities in the snow biome (not flooded), 2 cities in the wasteland (not flooded). Wasteland surrounded by burnt forest, snowy mountain peaks, all biomes including burnt forest & a hand-edited biomes map.

Map Statistics

  • 14 player spawn points
  • 6 extra large cities
  • 26 traders
  • 2,506 POIs total
  • 57,592 Population

The mods included with the map are not absolutely necessary to play the map, but are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially if you intend on spending any amount of time within the flood.

Mods included in the download:

  • My mod “LepeR’s Better Swimming A21” allows swimming faster by
    • IIncreasing the movement factor, walk and run speeds in water,
    • Use no stamima while floating or swimming,
    • Sprinting within water uses less stamina than default.
  • My mod “LepeR’s Mobs Spawn in Water A21” was meant to allow all zombie spawning within the flood.
    • Wandering hordes & blood moon hordes are 100% working.
    • POI sleeper spawns are 100% working.
    • Screamer spawns & screamer hordes are 100% working.
    • However, the individual wandering zombies are rare.

Ragsy’s Boating Mod & Khym’s Diving Mask are also highly recommended. They’ll help you navigate the flood. If you’re playing with friends and install the boat mod, everyone will need to download it.

7 days to die lepers flooded cities (forest only) additional screenshot 1

7 days to die lepers flooded cities (forest only) additional screenshot 2


Credits: LepeR, (Su1c1daL & Gouki for their water modding)

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