Bang for Your Bucket: An Alternate Early-Game Water System

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Playtesters wanted!

For those looking for a different, and perhaps more sensible start for water-gathering in 7D, this mod shifts early game water sustainment away from the dew collector and instead towards in-world water sources, such as rivers, ponds, culverts, etc. It should also (in theory) encourage exploration and a more active playstyle, and tie you less to the trader.

If you use a bucket to obtain water from water blocks, you now have the option to boil those full buckets of water at the campfire to get clean drinking water. You can get as much water as you can find, carry, and boil! More buckets = more water per trip. Due to limitations on campfire output, the recipe comes out as a bundle; open it to retrieve your bucket and three jars of potable water.

This is supported by several additional changes:

  • Buckets have been made far more available at both the traders and more common in loot, with the intent of making them roughly as easy to obtain as cooking pots. Try your luck searching likely places like sinks, garages, janitor’s carts, fire trucks, and farms!
  • You can obtain water from snow as well, with a recipe for both buckets and cooking pots. For balance, the recipe is lossy, but putting points into Master Chef will reduce the recipe cost.
  • Water Filters have not been removed entirely, but are now a late-game convenience item (still trader-only), they also cost quite a bit more now!

The Helmet Water Purifier mod is unchanged, as that item’s balance should remain unaffected by this modlet; as with vanilla, it makes it easy to stay hydrated, but provides no water for other purposes.

Potential Changes/Additions in Future

Re-enabling water filters as quest rewards later into the game (Likely T3 & up).

A Few Notes for Playtesters

  • The bucket system should take work, but it should also be fairly forgiving and flexible in that you can choose how much time and effort you dedicate to getting water… unless you spawn in a desert of course! It might be mildly tedious early, but once you get multiple buckets things should ease up, since even one boiled bucket will give as much water as a dew collector would in a full day.
  • As mentioned, buckets should be fairly common, so please let him know if they’re significantly harder to get than cooking pots.


Silver Magister for the original Bucket of Boiled Water mod (which this is based on), BFT2020 and Sphereii for extensive help with the xml.


  • v1.2 – Fixed snow recipe Master Chef discount not working for jar recipe, lowered spawning of buckets somewhat.
  • v1.1 – Corrected several errors, and added two snow-to-water recipes.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FramFramson

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3 thoughts on “Bang for Your Bucket: An Alternate Early-Game Water System

  1. I love this mod! It works really well so far and it makes the survival aspect of the game much more immersive.

  2. とても素晴らしいシステムだ。しかし、個人的には雪玉を水に変更できることはバランスがとても悪い。それをなくしてしまうかもしくは雪玉を水にするのではなく泥水(汚水)に変更することがいいと感じた。

  3. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been lucky enough to find any buckets. Most often it’s pots, then (rarely) a grill. But still, nice mod 😉

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