Map: Germany Undead 21

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Here comes the A21-Version of the Map “Germany Undead“: Germany Undead 21.


I used the Heightmap & Biome-Map from the old Version and let Teragon generate all of the brand new Cities. I also used KingGen for creating many Wilderness-A21-POIs and put “the best of two Worlds” together. I created many new Streets and overworked the Landscape: Mountains are much higher, Rivers with Bridges are in now on the Map and there is a flooded Area with some sunken Buildings in the South West Region.

7 days to die map germany undead 21 additional screenshot 1

7 days to die map germany undead 21 additional screenshot 2

7 days to die map germany undead 21 additional screenshot 3

7 days to die map germany undead 21 additional screenshot 4


Just put the unpacked Folder “Germany Undead 21” into your Generated Worlds-Folder:

If the Folder “AppData” is not showing up just unhide your “YourUserName”-Folder!
Choose the Map in the Game Menu and Start the Game.

Enjoy & have Fun!

Your DirkillerGaming (check my Channel on Youtube)


Added Darkness Falls Version.

DOWNLOAD Map: Germany Undead 21 (135 MB)
DOWNLOAD Darkness Falls Version (135 MB)

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Credits: Made by DirkillerGaming

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13 thoughts on “Map: Germany Undead 21

  1. Hi DirkillerGaming,

    we enjoy playing your map on our server. We have some suggestions for a new version, if you will do one.

    First, in some areas the water level is too high and some streets are flooded.
    Then the most inhouse and area-lights did not work. in rainy and cloudy weather its very dark inhouse. There are a lot of lights that are not workin, thats a little pity.

    For a new version we would like to have City Signs like you find it everywhere in germany. And maybe it is possible, e.g. with the help of the community, to have in every city a typical monument for the region.

    Thanks for your map! 🙂

  2. Hello DirkillerGaming,

    Could you please change the German Dead card to 12k?
    I want to use this map for my server.
    Greetings from Dresden.

    1. I’m gonna update my Maps when 7D goes A22 – that’s my plan.
      Then i will think about to make a bigger Version of Germany but i can’t promise you that now.
      The first Version had some problems with the Framerate because of the complex landscape.
      Not everything is working well you know and i don’t wonna publish trashy Maps with 10-20 FPS.
      We will see 🙂
      Enjoy & have Fun!

  3. Hello DirkillerGaming,

    we just started using Darkness Falls and wonder if your map is compatible with Darkness Falls 5.0.1. Any hint?


    1. The Map should start with the DF-Mod but it needs 5-6 exclusive POIs to make some important Story-Quests. You could add them by hand in the World Editor or i could do it for you if you want.

      1. Hi DirkkillerGaming.

        Thanks for coming back to me. Unfortunately i have no idea about 7DTD modding therefore woukd be great if you could add those POI‘s.


  4. Hello DirkillerGaming, I am a big fan of 7 Days To Die and found your Germany Mod Map by chance and I wanted to ask if I could share your Germany Mod Map in Discord? Since we are a community of 7D2D fans and support each other with a streamer I’m a big fan of your mods only if you allow it, if not it’s fine too and thank you for investing so much time in your mods, thank you for everything. I would be happy if you would visit us. DeeRenGe

    1. Yes, of course – do it! All my Maps are free to use for the Community!
      And plz just give me some Credits – that’s all i want 🙂

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