Apocalyptic Quests (Beta)

7 days to die apocalyptic quests, 7 days to die quests

Always make a backup on your save before Adding/Updating the mod.

The modlet aims to add 42 quests and 11 Weapons for the trader in total. The Missions are distributed in 6 categories: Defense, Hunt the Boss, Survival, Vehicle Recovery, Weapon experimental, Weapon Signature.

Full Server-Side and EAC Safe. Compatible with Alpha 21.2


Go to the location and kill the boss (10 bosses were created in total).


Defend a certain location (the basic mechanics change over the tiers).


Survive for a certain amount of time (Killing zombies is a option)

Vehicle Recovery

Recover a Vehicle back to the trader (Things will not be easy on the way back)

Weapon Experimental

(Needs to be bought in the trader on weapon’s tab)

Test The New Weapons made by the traders themselves

Weapon Signature

(Needs to be bought in the trader on weapon’s tab)

Retrieve a famous weapon in the mod’s lore. Each quest has it’s own subtype of mission, some needs to kill a mini-boss and etc.


Missions available on trader’s list:

  • Tier 1: 5 New Missions (2 Bosses – 1 Defense – 1 Survival – 1 Vehicle)
  • Tier 2: 5 New Missions (2 Bosses – 1 Defense – 1 Survival – 1 Vehicle)
  • Tier 3: 5 New Missions (2 Bosses – 1 Defense – 1 Survival – 1 Vehicle)
  • Tier 4: 5 New Missions (2 Bosses – 1 Defense – 1 Survival – 1 Vehicle)
  • Tier 5: 5 New Missions (2 Bosses – 1 Defense – 1 Survival – 1 Vehicle)
  • Tier 6: 6 New Missions (3 Bosses Infested – 1 Defense – 1 Survival – 1 Vehicle)

Missions available on trader’s shop:

  • Stash score 1: 2 Weapon Missions
  • Stash score 20: 2 Weapon Missions
  • Stash score 60: 2 Weapon Missions
  • Stash score 120: 5 Weapon Missions

The modlet also has some simple lore for each mission, to make thing more immersive (there are some jokes too!)

All Mission were made to be unique, so each boss has a unique way to fight or mechanics.

All Weapons are unique with custom visuals and some with new mechanics. The weapons were balanced considering the status from the it’s derivative weapon as a tier 6 with 4 mods installed. The directly withdraw is that these weapons can’t have mods installed.

7 days to die apocalyptic quests additional screenshot 1

7 days to die apocalyptic quests additional screenshot 2

7 days to die apocalyptic quests additional screenshot 3

7 days to die apocalyptic quests additional screenshot 4

For more details read the changelogs on my Discord or ask me Directly

The mod’s name changed from Apocalyptic Jobs to Apocalyptic Quests for a comprehensive aspect about the mod’s goal.

Join my discord to have the latest news of the mod or if you have any suggestion or wanna report.

  • Due the addition of new quests, vanilla quests can be hard to find, so to avoid that problem there is a addon that can increase the chance of getting vanilla quests (More vanilla quests 2x and 4x). It is available on the Driver’s Folder.
  • Also there is a Portuguese translation (on Driver’s Folder) made by: VINCE & FRNKSTN

There are some issues (bugs) on the quests:

  • If the missions is not shared, it’s mean that is not supposed to others players help you or interact with the Quests Objects. Avoiding that can help avoid some bugs. But if bugs happens, report on my discord.
  • Bosses Projectiles have sync problems. (Maybe be game problems, i didn’t find any solution)
  • Alert Sound of claimed land was removed (intentional for defense tier 5 and 6)
  • This mod is a personal project and I can’t humanly test everything alone, Although I try to fix everything that people reports to me. But I can’t fix problems that I don’t know that are happening. Make report and suggestions on my Discord.


If you appreciate Mathew’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Mathew

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15 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Quests (Beta)

  1. Hi Mathew.
    Firstly, let me say that I really appreciate your work on this mod. I have played it several times and have enjoyed the extra challenges this mod provides.
    This has also inspired me to write a Mod myself. It incorporates several elements including 4 variants of Demolishers, one of which I would like to arm with a Launcher. I am a noob to modding and have coded most of my mod myself, but could not work out how to equip the Launcher or code the rocket effects.
    Please may I copy some of your code from this Mod to achieve this ? Naturally I will give you Credit if I publish it for public Download.
    Thanks Mathew…

  2. How to make quests annoying? Make the boss drop your weapon, so it might actually disappear if you are not fast enough picking it up. Make the bike break every 10 meters and have zombies sprint at you regardless of wether it is day or night, and regardless of the speed set in the game settings. So, honestly, the hunt the witch and vehicle recovery seem kind of dumb. Way more work or danger than it should be for a tier 1 mission. Not to mention the danger of losing your weapon should it despawn. Defense seems to want you to clear the POI first anyway so its Clear with an extra tower defense. and i havent gotten to any other ones yet. I hope they are not as annoying. The experimental weapon quests seem interesting enough though. Although why a bunch of zombies are spawned before you can place down the lure and activate it, is beyond my understanding.

    1. I would appreciate a more friendly tone of criticism, but it is what it is. The mod is constantly evolving, and as pointed out by another user on my Discord, I made changes to the vehicle recovery mission. It should be less annoying now and the reward was increased. The witch also received a small nerf, and in part, the goal is for her to be annoying but not overly so. If you have any others suggestions to offer, feel more than welcome to write them on my Discord or here.

  3. Missions are very buggy. Defense never triggered or completed properly , would either get stuck in sending the signal where i would send it and nothing would progress or “kill zombies (optional) stage. Boss zombies kills often don’t complete properly especially if boss dies due to bleed or other effect.

    1. The Last Update 2.3 Should address the majority of the problems that you are reporting. Give another Try If you feel comfortable 🙂

  4. Boss Mission works fine, the Defense mission just insists I need to find a “Smell Enhancer” though but there is none to be found.

  5. I have to say, you did an incredible job utilizing so many aspects of the XML capabilities, while still keeping it in server-side modlet form. As someone who makes modlets myself, I can appreciate your good work. Well done.

  6. Can you join in my discord ? In my tests it worked in coop. And the boss dog needs to craft to bait first, so it gives you the location.

  7. trying this on a server,

    Boss quest seem to work,
    Defense quest: cannot be done in co-op (only solo) but there is no reward so I’m not sure if it just ends with you having to delete the quest at the end and get a big X
    Dog quest never seems to gives location to go to.(would love it if it worked like the boss one)

    1. In some defenses missions, a bow and a specific arrow is given to you. Pay attention to the instructions that is given in the player’s chat. If the problem persist, i’ll try to fix it.

      1. The defense task can not be completed in singleplayer. 10 given arrows, after clearing the house, one arrow is launched, height is reached, chat message confirms, 5 optional zombies are killed, nothing happens, more arrows are fired each with the same confirmation, after 10 arrows, you can only leave the area and fail the quest.

      2. i can confirm this.

        On multiplayer server, defense doesn’t work.

        Me and friends cleared the POI and stayed inside then launched the flare arrows multiple times. the Server confirms the height is sufficient. but nothing happened and relaunched the arrows again several times, confirmed it again then several zombies barging in to POI and we’ve cleared it. Again nothing happened, the mission not cleared.

        So we have to remove the quest from the list.

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